How Much Will It Cost To Fix My Piano?

How Much Will It Cost To Fix My Piano?

Sometimes your piano may not be in good shape and you are probably thinking of fixing it. But how much does it cost to get your piano fixed?

When it comes to the price. There is no definitive price, however, it all comes down to certain factors. The cost of piano repair in Devon will vary depending on the problem you are fixing and also the actual company fixing your piano for you. It can range from £100 to £30,000 or more.

Naturally, the cost of repairing various sections of the piano will vary. Fixing the hammers or key tops of a piano is far less expensive than fixing the soundboard. It all boils down to what’s needed to get the piano to the appropriate level. With professional repair, a piano’s soundboard may often be repaired to a high degree. If you need to rebuild a soundboard, though, you might be looking at a job that costs large sums of money, not including anything else.

In actuality, restoring and rebuilding a piano is a large job that varies greatly depending on the specific instrument. There are hundreds of components on a piano, and determining what is required to restore it to its former glory takes time and expertise. When fixing a piano, any one, two, or all of these parts may require extensive labor. Refinishing the case alone will set you back hundreds of dollars and need skilled labor. If you’re considering restoring a piano, you should speak with a respected local professional to receive an estimate. The work’s quality is crucial and varies greatly.

Cost of Piano tuning

One of the questions you might be asking yourself is how much piano tuning costs. The simple reply is that pianos are different and therefore, the price rate will also be different.

In piano tuning, your piano pins will be changed and moved, this is done by using a piano hammer. They are set to an appropriate tension so that the sound produced is correct and accurate.

Normal piano tuning will not have any impact on the way your piano plays. In simple terms, normal piano tuning will not move or regulate any of the mechanics of the piano. This means that if your piano’s mechanics or actions have a certain issue before tuning the piano, normal tuning will not affect this in any way and therefore, your piano will still have the same issue after normal tuning. These can only be fixed by regulation and repair.

Most piano repair companies will also tell you about any problems found when repairing your piano. This can happen before, after as well as when tuning is in progress.

If your piano has been tuned on a regular basis and is well maintained, the cost of tuning your piano will cost about £100-£200, depending on the service chosen.

However, if you haven’t had your piano tuner for 1-2 years or more, expect to pay anywhere between £150 to £300. This costs higher because such pianos need to be examined properly to ensure that they can maintain a good tuning since they are not evaluated for a long time. Hence, putting this money into the piano is worth it and helps you bring back your piano into shape.

How much will it cost to rebuild my piano?

The cost of rebuilding a piano differs depending on customer needs and budget levels. The restorations that are performed will be based on this.

For example, you may want to do only an interior cleaning for your piano, tuning, and voicing or action regulation. Therefore, you should expect to pay around £600 to £3000 for these services, the price is also dependent on the extent of the work.

In other situations, a basic interior rebuilding for your piano may include damper work, restringing, regulation, voicing, tuning, and hammer replacement. For these kinds of services, the price ranges from anywhere from £3000 to £9000.

This interior piano rebuilding service is common on pianos that are of low quality. This helps to put them in a good condition. Certain pianos that need pin replacing have a repairing cost of £8000 to £20000. A piano that needs bridge repining, thorough voicing, key repairs, key top replacements, and soundboard repairs also fall in this category.

Complete interior restoration of an old or worn-out piano has a process that goes all the way from £20000 to £40000. The complete restoration of such pianos involves many things including keyframe rebuilding, rim reconstruction, new keyset setup, new damper system as well as voicing and regulation of the piano.

Although this is very expensive, it is worth it and even better than getting a new handmade piano since most pianos go from £40,000 to £240,000. With the smallest baby grands at a lower price starting from 40,000 pounds while the concert grands can even reach £240,000.

What does it cost to refinish my piano?

Refinishing is also part of fixing your piano. When it comes to refinishing your piano, the cost will be different based on the color, quality, size as well as the texture of the finish to be applied to your piano.

The finish can be applied to all pianos, whether small or big. Usually, the costs start from 1500 to 7000 pounds. The bigger the piano, the higher the price.

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