How Not to Get Bored on a Plane —Top 15 Things to Do on a Long Flight

Best Ways to Avoid Boredom on a Plane

Your luggage is packed, passport and visa are double-checked, and the taxi is heading to your place. All loose ends are dealt with, even your literature assignment has been written by professional writers and already submitted. So, you can begin your adventure with nothing to worry about.

Although, you get this feeling as if you’ve forgotten something. Oh no, you’ve just remembered that your flight is a 12-hour journey and you have not prepared anything to do on the plane! How could you ignore your last plane trip when you were bored to death?

There was no Wi-Fi, your phone’s battery died, and you didn’t take your laptop with all the movies. How boring does it sound? So to make this part of your journey less dreary, check out these 15 things to do on a long flight!


1.Play games. It is probably the easiest way to have fun alone or with a friend. Games are not just for kids because you can find many exciting applications in the Apple store or Goole Play for all ages. There are many types of games such as action, strategy, adventure, and so on. And if you want to both play and learn, you can choose one of the brain training games.

2.Make a challenge list. It is a great way to stretch your legs and have fun! The point is to do as many things on your list as you can before the plane lands. For example:

  • Learn ten facts about the plane passengers
  • Hug or kiss at least five people
  • Learn ten things about the city you are going to

3.Watch a movie or TV show. Some airlines offer inboard Wi-Fi, but it is a costly exception rather than a rule. It is only reasonable to download a movie (or a few) or some TV series on your laptop to watch it offline. But, make sure you do it legally.


4.Read a book or magazine.  It does not matter whether you take something from home or buy a new book in the duty-free store.  You can download a book on an e-reader, phone, or tablet.

5.Turn on the podcast. Do you want to keep learning even on the plane? A podcast is the best idea for you. You can watch the clouds flow or close your eyes and listen to some useful information.

6.Learn a language. You are going to Rome and don’t know a word in Italian? What a shame! There are two ideas for you: you can buy a phrasebook at the airport or download a language learning application. Nevertheless, it’s better to choose an app with audio lessons because it will help you progress faster than with no-audio apps.

7.Check your plans again.  We believe it is essential to recheck your journey plan during the flight. That includes places you want to visit, top restaurants, museums, and everything you need to see and do to make your trip memorable.


8.Listen to music. There’s no accounting for taste because someone likes Taylor Swift, and others are mad about Ozzie Osborn. There are even special playlists for a flight. Make sure to put some effort into choosing the music because it will create the right atmosphere and set the mood for your trip.

9.Draw. Drawing can be very relaxing. Don’t worry about your skills, just imagine you are Leonardo da Vinci and your doodling is a Mona Lisa. In other words, you should forget about the result because your goal is relaxation!

10.Watch the clouds. If you want to do nothing except enjoying the freewheeling spirit of flight, make sure you have a window seat. Also, in case you are an active social media user, don’t forget to take photos and videos of your sky-level view.

11.Edit your Instagram pics. If you’re an Instagram user, take your time and work on every photo with creativity and patience. You won’t even notice how time flies by because photo editing is such a soothing process.


12.Use a sheet mask. It will be beneficial for your face and fun. During long flights, your skin can get dehydrated. That is why a moisturizing mask or cream is a must-have for those who flights often.

13.Meditate. Meditation is a perfect way to prepare your brain and soul for new experiences. Along with calming meditation music, it will help you clear your mind and experience the ultimate feeling of freedom. You could get strange looks from the people near you, but who cares!

14.Move! If your flight is 5 or more hours long, you can’t just sit all this time. That is why you should stand up and walk a bit to stretch your muscles.

15.Sleep. This should be your final resort when you are out of any other ideas.  Put your sleeping mask on and wear earplugs for best results!

Enjoy your trips and good luck with your long flight!

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