How Often Should Air Conditioners Be Serviced?

How Often Should Air Conditioners Be Serviced

Lord, praise the man who invented the air conditioner. Nothing feels better than coming home from the scorching heat of the summer to your cool chilled room. But it needs maintenance. Because you cannot just throw it out when it fails to cool the room like it used to. It needs to be serviced. It will cost more if you hold it for a season, but routinely services are fruitful.

Cost of air conditioner servicing

The ac servicing depends on service to service and the air conditioner model, and you can get your service done by looking for Singapore aircon servicing. You can find so many options online.

A regular routine AC servicing costs around $75 -$200. But if you include the maintenance, repair, and other services, then the cost rounds up to $150- $500. For some reason, if you opt for an HVAC technician to look into your air conditioner, be ready to throw in another $50-$150.

What do air conditioning services normally include?

  1.     Extensive and proper Washing of your air-conditioner filter.
  2.     The surface of the air conditioner is wiped and scrubbed clean for the indoor unit.
  3.     Making sure to flush the drainage system.
  4.     The compressor health check is a major priority.
  5.     Some services also add in the dusting of surfaces, usually the outdoor units.
  6.     The air conditioner’s gas is checked and made sure that it is accurate and not leaking.
  7.     Checking all the electrical parts, even the switch, for any loss of function or other drawbacks needs attention.

The routine air condition service does not include chemical cleaning; it needs an HVAC technician to look into that.

How often should the servicing be done?

According to many specialists and companies, you should home service your air conditioners at least once a year if you don’t want a professional to come and do it for you, so you can save a few bucks.

This is the least we can do to keep our electrical in shape. Also, one piece of electrical equipment can be the end of all.

If you wish to not service it, no one can make you. But;

  1.     Dirt and dust will get deposited in its filters.
  2.     Lower cooling every year
  3.     Eventually, you will have to invest more effort to make it work.

Is it necessary to service it every year?

Even though every air conditioner requires annual servicing, many people do-follow, and it is for your best for us and our electrical appliances. But some HVAC technicians have claimed that it okay not to get them services yearly if you are a risk-taker.

But if you get it checked and serviced in a timely, it will save you a lot of time, effort, and money if it does not work the next time properly. Like they say, better late than never. And it is just once a year.


Air conditioners are the main appliances in every home today, and these machines do get old and rusty with time. A yearly check and service can overcome many health and electrical problems. So make an annual checklist for the important things to be done.

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