How Often Should You Repaint Your Business?

How Often Should You Repaint Your Business?

Whether you have an office building for your company or a commercial space where customers come straight into your place of work, you can keep your workplace looking clean with a fresh coat of paint.

Peeling or cracking paint is an eyesore, and those working in an office that is not well maintained may develop a negative view of the company. Painting the office may seem like a hassle, but it can be completely painless with the right professional commercial painters.

Customers will likely judge your business on the way the building is kept. If it is dirty and dusty, they may turn around and leave thinking that the people that work there don’t care about the business. This is far from true for most establishments, and you can do your part to circumvent the issue by keeping your paint in as pristine shape as possible.

Here are some factors to consider when deciding how often you should repaint your business:

Office vs. Commercial:

If your main building is used for offices only, you will likely only need to repaint every 4-5 years, depending on the damage to the surface. If you live in a humid environment, and the inside air is at a consistently higher humidity level, you will likely need to paint more often.

A commercial building will likely need a full repaint every two to three years to keep everything looking fresh, with the possibility of touch-ups between paint to fix small cracks or damages. Retail stores need to provide the customer with a feeling of belonging and acceptance because these positive emotions encourage sales.

High-Quality Paint:

High-quality paints are more easily cleaned than those that are less expensive, making them last longer. You can clean a semi-gloss or glossy surface and keep the paint looking fresh for longer. Low-quality paints are subject to cracking and peeling on earlier timetables than more durable paints, and they can be challenging to clean.

Paint with a flat finish cannot be washed as it will absorb the water into the wall rather than repelling it. Cleaning your walls every few months can keep them looking like new.

Waiting Room/Reception Area:

If you have customers coming into your business regularly, it is a good idea to keep the customer-facing areas looking as pristine as possible. This will give them a positive impression of your business from the start. If your walls have cracks or paint chipping off in places, a customer can transfer the feeling of disrepair from the building to your business.

Places only employees see, a stockroom or workroom, do not have to be held to the same standards as the customer-facing areas, but they should still be kept in decent repair.


If you are not in control of your building’s maintenance, consider asking how often the space is repainted by the owner or property management company. If you are allowed, you may want to take over the process if you are not satisfied with their responses.

Commercial and office rentals are often only painted by the owner when the tenant moves out to reset the property for the new tenant. Ask your landlord what the policies are for painting the property before you get started.


Companies that take care of their property often take better care of their employees. Show your employees you care about them by creating a space for them that is inviting and makes them want to spend a full day at the office.

Keeping your employees happy doesn’t stop with paint colors either. Decorate the space and make them feel at home in the office. Use some caution when creating a homey feel for the office as it may cause some employees to be too relaxed and not be able to concentrate on their work. Balance style and function for the perfect working environment.

Make a Change:

If your company is making rebranding efforts, or you are done staring at the same gray walls, consider repainting the office to signify a change. You don’t have to be skilled in the art of interior decorating to decide to repaint. Do a little research and discuss colors with a professional painting company in your area.

In addition to a rebranding, new ownership of a company can be signified with repainting the office. New colors or a new atmosphere can impact the way the workforce accepts the change for the better.

Color Theory:

Be careful when repainting the office because even though your company may have red as its primary brand color, red walls can increase anger and hunger in employees and make it difficult to get work done. Neutral tones, greys, beiges, and off-whites, can be a great way to accent your logo without the adverse effects of a solid-colored wall.

Light colors bring more light to those working in the middle of a cubicle with no natural light to speak of and can bring joy and lightness to your employees’ demeanor. Gray is a great background color to bring focus to decor, but if the whole office is painted the same shade of gray, it can feel dreary and depressing.

Exterior Paint:

If you own the building your business occupies, it is your responsibility to keep the outside of the building in good shape in addition to the inside. Renters will have to contact their landlord for guidance, but the exterior of the building is what your customers see as they walk or drive by.

Constant sunshine can damage the paint faster than an area that has more cloudy days. Climates with excessive rain or snow will need to consider that as well. You may need to do repairs more often or repaint the south side of your office building more often than the north side because of additional exposure.

Paint Makes a Statement:

Use paint to make a positive statement for your business. Whether inside or out, the first impression of your company includes the paint color and the condition it is in. Repainting may seem like a pain, but a professional company can make the process seamless.

Paint is an investment in your business that should not be neglected. Maintaining your painted surfaces can improve employee morale, increase productivity, and increase customer traffic and sales.

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