How Portable Generators Can Keep Your Lights on This Holiday Season

Are you worried about power outages this holiday season? Lack of power can diminish the festive cheer in your family during their celebrations. 

December holidays require a lot of power due to the expected frigid temperatures. The end of the year is a time when your water heater and furnace work the hardest to provide comfort and warmth. Therefore, having a portable backup generator is a noble idea.

 You can purchase a Champion Power Equipment model, Briggs, and Stratton or Generac model. Whichever the brand, a portable generator will provide you with a backup power supply that you need.

There are several objectives that you can achieve with a portable generator. 

5 Ways That a Portable Generator Can Keep Your Lights On 

Emergency Backup: it is a good idea to have a power backup this season. As such, you don’t have to worry when you have a portable generator. Power outages will no more affect how you live since this source of power is enough for your television, air conditioner, refrigerators, and much more.

Backyard Bash: Do you want to be the most loved sibling, friend, colleague, or neighbor on the whole street? Throw your loved ones a party in the backyard or local park courtesy of a portable generator. It will power your outdoor, screen projector, karaoke machine, bounce house, and more. With these provisions, you don’t need to bring a party inside again.

Camping: Is your family planning an outdoor adventure? Acquiring a portable generator can bring comfort to your recreational vehicle (RV) or tent. Your kids will remain entertained as you and your spouse enjoy a little quiet and peace.  You will enjoy a movie as you lounge in the tent or power your laptop to help you continue working in the great outdoors.  

Outdoor Weddings: power outages can ruin your I-do moment. However, investing in or hiring a portable generator will give you a magical outdoor wedding. The source of power will also fulfill your dream. You can have strings of lights dangling above a beachside gazebo.

You, as the bride or groom, can enjoy your first dance under the stars. Therefore, a perfect wedding needs a good source of power, and a quiet generator can provide that. 

Festive Fun: You can have any outdoor extravaganza with a portable generator. Power your holiday lights or disco ball using this alternative source of power. It keeps your family reunion on the top gear since they can now have hot plates, enjoy music, and have a festival funhouse with a wind tunnel and spooky light.

5 Tips on How to Use a Portable Generator This Holiday

Power outages can affect a few homes in the block or the entire neighborhood. The problem can last a few hours or for an extended period, especially if the cause is a damaged transformer, storms, or traffic accidents. 

Therefore, this source of power will keep your house warm, phone charged, or food frozen as usual. You can use one or more portable generators to support your outdoor events like concerts, parties, RV, or wedding. The size of the event and the equipment to be used will determine the number of portable generators that you will need.  

Safety is a priority when using portable generators. Each model has an owner’s manual for you to read and know your equipment. You can follow the following tips to avoid making dangerous mistakes, even with the best models.  

  1. Remove the generator from the garage, shed, or house. The equipment produces carbon monoxide, which can cause death when the level is high.  Opening the window is not enough; thus, put the generator outside. That is why it is portable.
  2. Once the generator is outside, ensure it is 20 feet away from the tent or house. Place it in a position where the fumes or the wind is blowing away from people. 
  3. Purchase extension cords for outdoor use. The cords should be compatible with the circuit breaker of its outlet. Don’t overload the cord since it can ignite a fire.  
  4.  Ensure that your portable generator is in a dry place. Also, remember that water and electricity have never been allies. 
  5.  Never backfeed a generator.  This is tying the cords of the generator directly to your appliances electrical panel without connecting them through a transfer switch. It is a dangerous and illegal practice. 


A portable generator will keep your spirit high this season in various ways. You can continue watching your favorite movie or big football match with friends in a local park, tent, or backyard. Your dream of dancing under the stars will be real due to this source of power. 

However, be careful when setting up your portable generator. Place it outside since its fumes can kill. Don’t backfeed it, for it is both unlawful and unsafe. Purchase external cords appropriate for outdoor use, and that matches the circuit breaker of its outlet.

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