How Reliable is Your Water Filter?

How Reliable is Your Water Filter

Depending on where you live, standard tap water may not always be as clean as you’d like it to be, but if this is the case, there exists a far better option for quenching your thirst than buying crates of bottled water.  Waterdrop water filter system ensure household drinking water safety. One of the classic types of water filters you can get in your home is activated carbon filters which can remove large particles out of your tap water.

One of the most popular types of water filters available for homes is reverse osmosis water filters since they can produce extremely pure water out of pretty much any source. One of the newest types of water filters on the market today are UV filters which use UV lights to purify water. Finally, if the water out of your tap is a little on the hard side, you can soften your water using an alkaline filter. This article will go over 4 filter systems and how they work to give you clean water.

Activated Carbon Filters

One of the most common types of water filters on the market right now are carbon filters which use sources of carbon like charcoal to filter water. These filters are essentially tubes filled with carbon, which water can pass through. They are great for filtering out larger particles like dirt, contaminants and even chlorine as these unwanted substances are attracted by the carbon. Since this type of filter removes impurities from the water, it will not only be safer to drink, but it’ll also taste much cleaner as well! These filters will eventually become full of contaminants so if you use it regularly, you’ll have to switch out filters every 2-3 months to ensure your water will be as pure as possible.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse osmosis filters are one of the most popular out on the market today because they do an excellent job of removing contaminants. This method of water purification uses reverse osmosis which can produce some of the purest water you can get from a filter. For purified water to be produced, the water from the pipe first goes through a pre-filter that removes any larger contaminants like dirt. Next, the water is pressurized and sent through a reverse osmosis filter which will remove even the smallest of contaminants. As the last step the water will go through a final filter as an added precaution to make sure the water is the purest it can be. These systems will have higher price tags than other types, but the price is well worth the water quality.

How Reliable is Your Water Filter

UV Filters

One of the newest filtration systems out there is UV filters that use UV rays to produce clean drinking water. UV lights produce ultraviolet rays just like the same type that emanates from the sun is excellent at killing harmful bacteria so it works great for purifying water. This type of filtration system is great because it doesn’t use any chemicals to clean water, and it also doesn’t have to be changed so it’s a very environmentally friendly option. These filters will kill harmful bacteria found in water, but they alone won’t filter small particles of dirt or other contaminants out of the water so it’s a great idea to pair this type of filter with another type like an activated carbon one.

Alkaline Filters

If the water from your tap is heavy a great way to soften your water is to use an alkaline filter. These filters use electrolysis to purify your water which separates water into high PH and low PH streams. The acidic water will be returned back to the water system and the alkaline water will come out of your tap. Alkaline water tastes very pure, but it can also be healthier to consume than more acidic water. Learn more about water conditioners here in order to make the right choice for your home.

Water is something we all need on a daily basis just to survive so it’s important to consume the best water you can to maintain good health. If you need to filter water activated carbon filters are one of the most common filters that can remove larger contaminants from tap water. If you’re looking to get the purest water out of a filter you can get, having a reverse osmosis water filter is the right system for you. If you want the newest filtration system out on the market, a UV filter can be very effective while also eco-friendly at the same time.

Finally, if your tap water is heavy, getting an alkaline filter will purify your water while softening your water at the same time. 60% of our body is made the water so hydrating in the best way possible is essential, so getting the best water filter system for your home is a must.

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