How Smart Technology Revolutionized Modern Garage Doors

Smart homes are the future. We can all agree on that, can’t we? They make our lives much more comfortable, improve our homes’ security, and implement eco-friendly and energy-efficient solutions. But while we always praise smart doorbells, water heaters, light bulbs, or thermostats, there’s one feature that we tend to underestimate. We’re talking about garage doors.

The funny thing is that garage doors are one of the smart technology ancestors we all know today. Remotely controlled openers have been around for many years now. In fact, they entered the stage at the same time as the television remote. And while today’s TVs have almost nothing in common with their 80s or 90s counterparts, modern garage doors have also benefited from the newest technological improvements.

That’s why if you’re thinking about implementing smart tech solutions in your very own garage, we can assure you that it’s worth your investment. Smart garage door openers are not available just to give companies like A1 Garage Door Repairs more work to do. They’re here to improve your garage-using experience. More information on that below.

Easier Access

Have you ever turned back home in the middle of the drive to work because you weren’t sure you closed your garage door? Silly question, of course, you have. It’s something we’ve all experienced at least once in a lifetime. Fortunately, all you need to do to ensure such a situation never happens again is installing a smart garage door. Implementing the newest solutions will allow you to control your door via smartphone, no matter where you are.

You can also install automatic timers if you don’t want to use your phone while driving. It will close your garage door after a set amount of time, allowing you to relax. But that’s not all. The newest garage doors also come with the automatic door opening feature. Here’s how it works. Thanks to the proximity sensors in your smartphone, your garage door opener will detect whether you’re entering the driveway, opening the door automatically. You won’t even have to touch your phone. You can just roll inside.

Improved Security

The convenience is something we all have in mind when implementing smart technology solutions at our homes. But let’s not forget about how it can benefit security. And when it comes to that, modern garage doors are no exception. Keep in mind that besides your car, you also keep in your garage many other valuable things. And you probably don’t want anyone to steal them from you. Getting a smart garage door will ensure it never happens.

First of all, smart garage doors usually come with a high-quality camera. It allows you to live-stream what’s going on in the proximity of your garage area. All via a smartphone app, which you can access whenever, and wherever you want. Secondly, motion sensors can trigger the alarm as soon as they detect someone is trying to meddle with your door. They immediately notify the authorities about the possibility of a break-in, significantly boosting the chance of catching the robber.

It can be useful, especially when you’re away from home and neighbors aren’t around either. Such solutions allow you to enjoy your vacations without having to worry about your house. It will defend itself.

Parking Aid

You may claim that you’re an excellent driver that doesn’t need any aid. It might be true, but sometimes it’s just one of these days. Not to mention that most accidents happen when you least expect them. Take, for instance, parking in your garage. On paper, nothing wrong should happen, but you’d be surprised how many people scratch or damage their case during that supposedly straightforward activity.

To ensure you avoid possible unpleasant situations, it might be a good idea to arm your garage door in the special laser guiding system. It’s a solution that automatically turns on when you enter the garage and guides you to the perfect parking spot. It’s a feature that many modern garage door manufacturers offer to their customers. What’s more, since it’s relatively cheap, it’s definitely worth giving it a try. If you don’t like it, you can always turn it off.

Bottom Line

It’s easy to notice that smart technology has revolutionized garage door openers. Sure, they might not be the most talked-about smart trend in the world, but considering how much they’ve improved over the past few years, they definitely deserve the acknowledgment.

Smart garage doors provide homeowners with much easier access and improved control, at the same time significantly enhancing security. The best thing, though, is that despite the improvements, modern garage doors are relatively cheap, both in terms of purchase and repair costs. That’s why if you’re thinking about making your home smart, investing in a garage door should be the first thing to do.

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