How the Choice of Furniture Can Make or Break Your Image in Front of Guests

Whatever your taste when it comes to interior design, no matter how extravagant or dramatic we tend to hope that those we care about will either love it or at the very least, respect it. When choosing slightly obscure or unusual pieces, or even vintage furniture, this can be somewhat riskier, but there is also the chance that people will fall in love with them, just like you did.

As stated, people may not have the same taste as you. But that’s very different to having a negative view of someone else’s and what you wouldn’t want is to have your image destroyed in an instant by a couple of décor disasters. So what constitutes a décor disaster, and how can you avoid one to preserve the image you want to portray to the guests of your home?

  Shabby that’s not so chic

We’ve all heard of shabby chic, and when done correctly, it can look amazing. Warm, cosy, comforting and inviting, the styles can be classic, pretty or even a tad eccentric. However, if you get it wrong, your home can end up looking a mess. There is a marked difference between shabby and tatty, distressed and disgusting – there is no fine line.

When choosing furniture that is retro or vintage, make sure it doesn’t look plain old dirty and messy. Chairs with woodworm, threadbare cushions and fabric stains will all be the key focus of the room rather than the unique and original effect you were going for. If you fall in love with a piece that is past its best to see if it can be restored with just a bit of love and attention and make sure it gets it. You can learn how to do this yourself with the plethora of online tutorials available, or you could pay a professional to reinstate its former glamour. Even if it ends up costing a little more, you’ll have an original price so it’ll be well worth it.

 Overly clashing styles

Fashion can be a very personal thing, and some people think you should match everything perfectly, from the colour scheme to the style of all the pieces in it. Then there are those who can create an incredible final appearance by mismatching a lot of different looks. It can seem effortless but if this is what you are going for, be careful not to overdo it. Very bold styles can look good together, but they can jar, especially if the colours are vibrant or they are heavily patterned. Keep items near a dramatic piece more neutral and that way, no one will need to put sunglasses on when they walk in!

Unethically produced furniture

Cheap can mean cheerful, but it can also mean produced in exploitative ways so be mindful where you source your furniture from. Be aware of the type of image you are trying to portray – those who extol the plant-based lifestyle will destroy that image in a heartbeat if their home is filled with leather goods. And if you’re all about Fair Trade, then items produced in sweatshops won’t support that either!

It would be very shallow for your guests to judge you on a personal level simply just to a couple of fashion faux pas in your home. Choosing the right pieces and purchasing them from a reputable retailer is going to safeguard you against poor choices that might see your image as a style icon destroyed the moment someone sets foot in your house. So shop wisely!

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