How to Achieve a Fast & Safe Drive Away Time after Windscreen Repair

How to Achieve a Fast & Safe Drive Away Time after Windscreen Repair

The windshield is one of the most vulnerable pieces of auto glass in a car. It is very common for pebbles, debris, and stray stones to hit them while driving.

When this happens, the windscreen can be repaired depending on the location and the extent of the damage. Whether it is a crack or a chip, a professional technician should inspect the damage and perform the repairs.

What Is a Safe Drive-Away Time

If your windscreen needs a replacement rather than a repair, there is a specific time that it should remain unmoved. You should not drive it until the adhesive glue has time to set. This is to ensure it is safe.

If the car is moved while it is not safe to, a lot could happen.

The technician will determine the safest time to move it after considering several factors. The adhesive use, the type of the auto glass, and weather conditions are the major determinants.

Why is this and what technology is being used?

Advanced Adhesive

The adhesive used is a determinant of how soon you can drive the vehicle after a windscreen repair or replacement. It must be tested and proven first for it to be used.

With a durable adhesive, you do not have to wait for long before you can drive the car. The only reason that it can take longer to cure or harden is when affected by humidity levels and outside temperature.

Perhaps, you want the fastest drive-away time since that is the only car that you rely on. Before the technician can guarantee that you can drive away within a stipulated time, they will first consider these factors.

Crosslinking of various chemicals is what is enhancing faster hardening time.

Improved Techniques

Besides quality and advanced adhesives, modern techniques have a significant role in this. Technicians have changed things by learning more effective ways to undertake windscreen repairs. They first inspect and evaluate the damage before coming up with the best solution.

They handle each vehicle uniquely. They have also come up with ways they make the weather more favorable for these repairs. When cooler temperatures are needed, they know how to change the work environment and vice versa when it’s too cold.

They use heaters and air conditioner systems to make them more favorable.

Also, the tools they use are advanced. They know the right tools to use for the repair depending on the extent and the nature of the damage.

What Auto Glass Technicians Consider

A technician considers several things first. Environmental conditions and temperature are huge determinants.

When humidity levels are high and temperatures warm, the adhesive dries faster. This shortens the wait time but when they are lower, the wait time is longer.

At times, a technician will choose the products to use depending on weather conditions.

Reasons to Follow the Drive-Away Time Advise

Thanks to technology the wait is shorter. Years back, one had to wait for hours after a windshield repair but this is no longer the case. Why is it important to adhere to the drive-away time given by the technician?

It is easy for the windscreen to fall off in case of an impact such as a collision. This is a crucial part of a car as it offers structural support to the roof. If it is not sturdy, the roof might cave in as you drive.

You do not want to compromise your safety and that of other people.

If perhaps you have parked the car somewhere and you are in and out. Do not roll up the windows instead, keep them down. The pressure inside the car is not good for the windshield.

After The Repairs

A few decades ago, repairing auto glass wasn’t as easy as it is today. It was quite sensitive, it was time-consuming, and would have to wait for hours before you could get the car back on the road.

It was to make sure the glass is stable in a way it would not fall off and it was not a safety concern to the car occupants. With new technology, things have become much easier.

Wait time is not shorter and it does not take long for the repairs.

Rearview Mirror and Windshield Damage

A rearview mirror is important to every driver.  It aids in viewing the rear of the car. At times, it can vibrate or wobble and you have to keep readjusting it.

This should be repaired as soon as possible. The problem is that it can have a huge impact on the windshield and it ends up damaging it.

It can create a crack on the glass and when it detaches, it is not your work to repair it. It needs a windscreen repair expert otherwise you might cause more damage than good. Own repair can be complicated especially when there are safety features involved.

You should not be dealing with a windshield replacement when you can avoid it.

Reasons a Rearview Mirror Should Be Repaired By an Expert

When there are safety features involved in the car, you should not gamble with the repairs. One wrong move and you might replace the entire windscreen.

It is worse if the mirror is glued to the auto glass as it will need more attention. Pulling it off will either cause a crack or some pieces will come off. It will be impossible to repair the glass in such a condition. Even when you feel as if you can fix the problem, talk to an expert first.


It is good to be patient and this is one area to be. Even with the improved technology, there is a specific time that you should wait before you can drive off.

The wait time is now shorter and despite this, there are a few precautions that you must take. When it comes to auto glass repair, it is important you hire an honest and experienced technician.

They will repair the auto glass and advise on the aftercare. If it is the rear-view mirror that seems to be causing trouble, a technician will help with the appropriate solution.

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