How to Add Nature Into Your Home Decor

How to Add Nature Into Your Home Decor

Many modern home décor designs focus on minimalism and neutral tones.

While this makes for homes that are versatile and sleek, it can also lead to a clinical feeling of coldness and make spaces that are impersonal.

There are many ways to combat this, from adding statement pieces of furniture and adding personal items to bring personality.

Bringing the outside into your home also works well. As well as the decorative benefits, doing this can also have physical upsides for you.

So, what are these benefits, and how can you go about adding nature to your home? Let’s take a look.

The benefits of adding natural elements

  • Physical: Many houseplants can benefit your health. For example, aloe vera has air-purifying qualities and can help you sleep better as a result.
  • Mental: A great way to unwind from the stresses of life is to get into nature. If that’s not possible, say you live in a block of flats, bringing plant life into your space can have the same benefit.
  • Purpose: Adding real plants to your space gives you a challenge – keeping it alive! Adding watering, pruning, and more to your daily routines can help give you structure.

Invest in house plants

House plants are the best way to add splashes of nature into your home.

Whether it’s a small cactus on a windowsill or a sprawling cheese plant in the corner of your living room, it makes an instant change.

When you’re selecting your plants, consider the layout of your room – Does it sit in natural sunlight? Will the plant be near a radiator? You can also add plants to your bathroom but be sure that they enjoy the more humid conditions of this space.

Colour scheme

You can add a sense of nature to your home by using the colour schemes of mother nature. Soft greens and browns complement house plants, while dusky blues can act as the ‘sky’ above your flora in north-facing windows that can typically be quite shady.

Blues can also be used to add nautical themes to a space if you’re more of a fan of water. Seashells and other beach-themed trinkets will only improve the vibe.

Similarly, think about how the colour of your furniture and fittings ties in. Utilizing too many greys and whites can wash out the natural feel.

Use outdoor materials

Leather furniture, linen throws, and cotton curtains are all staples of interior design that can complement a nature-inspired theme.

Similarly, weathered wooden items like coffee tables add subtle accents of nature that bring practicality.

Wicker baskets can be filled with pine cones for a foraged feel, while thick-pile rugs and carpets can mimic the bounce of the forest floor for the physicality of nature.

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