How to Add Some Rustic Charm to Your Dining Room

How to Add Some Rustic Charm to Your Dining Room

Nothing beats the aesthetic of a rustic dining room. If you get the decoration just right, it can feel like you are cosying up in a cottage every night as you go to eat your warm dinner. However, the dining room is perhaps the most difficult area to decorate in the house. As space must remain functional, this can limit your options and creativity. Fortunately for our readers, we have come up with some brilliant tips and tricks for adding some rustic charm to your dining room without impeding upon its practicality. So, keep reading if you want to recreate the cottage dining room of your dreams.

Vintage Rugs

Most dining rooms have wood flooring because this looks nice and is easy enough to clean. However, on their own, floorboards can look bare and boring. As such, we suggest buying a nice vintage rug for your dining room. This will make a small but significant difference to space. Everything just looks cosier with a touch of softness. What’s more, rugs are brilliant when it comes to protecting your floorboards because they prevent the legs of your dining chairs from scratching the wood.

Table Mats

Add some texture and color to your dining table by investing in some table mats. Not only do these look beautiful but they are also practical, stopping food from landing on your nice tablecloth. To make the room feel especially rustic, we recommend investing in some rattan table mats. There is something unmistakably pastoral about woven wicker, so rattan is a fantastic material to use throughout the room.


Everyone knows the importance of lighting in interior design. It can massively affect the atmosphere of a room – making things look clean and fresh or warm and intimate. As such, it is important to get the right lampshade for your cottagey dining room. We recommend opting for lampshades which add warmth and a golden glow. When it comes to the rustic aesthetic, the cosier, the better. Lampshades made from natural materials with oaky colors are best.

Farmhouse Furnishings

If you have a larger budget for redecorating, then it is definitely worth investing in some farmhouse furnishings for your dining room. Anything reminiscent of pastoral England will instantly make the room look more rustic. So, spend a decent amount of time browsing the internet for the perfect rustic table with natural grooves; find a display cabinet which is antique and not too polished. Furniture which is slightly worn around the edges is perfect for a cottage aesthetic.


Let’s not forget about crockery. This is the finishing touch for your rustic dining room. When picking your dishes, remember what we have spoken about before – don’t choose things that are too refined and instead go for something more antique. For example, crackle-glazed dinner plates have become popular among those who like the farmhouse aesthetic.

These are our top decorating tips for adding some rustic charm to your dining room. By following our advice, you can make your home feel cosier and more cottage-like.

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