How To Arrange Your Big Day When You Have Kids

How to Arrange Your Big Day When You Have Kids (1)

Everything changes when you become a parent, so why should a wedding be any different? The decision to commit is a huge one, even more so when you have kids to consider. Now that you do feel comfortable enough to make the jump, congratulations are in order!

However, it’s only natural to feel slightly anxious when you have kids. Besides, you might think about different things during the wedding celebrations. Our advice? Relax and check out these tips for arranging a fun, entertaining wedding for everyone involved.

Organize a Kid-Friendly Space

No matter where your wedding venue is, there should be a kid-friendly space for your offspring. You don’t want them to feel like they’re in the way, so it might be a nice gesture to let them invite a few friends as well. There are several ways in which you can set up space where kids will be entertained and safe.

For this, you can opt to splurge a little on something like a jumping castle. A more budget-friendly choice is to have a large table with coloring books, supplies, and other activities such as wooden puzzles.

Go For an Outdoor Venue

It’s best if you choose to have an outdoor wedding rather than one solely in a hall. This will give more space for the children to run around without knocking anything (or anyone down). You can also feel safer about the kids staying where they should be instead of going to another room in the building.

Set Their Own Table

Since there’s already a kid-friendly space, it’s only logical to have a proper kids’ table when it’s time to eat. In addition to just having a table, you might want to work on a kid-friendly menu that’s approved by your young ones. Apart from the really unhealthy stuff, this is an important enough occasion to let them eat their favorite foods.

Be Careful About Inclusion

It’s a great idea to have your kids participate in your wedding preparations. Have your daughters visit Azazie to pick their bridal or flower girl dresses, and fit-out your sons in adorable tuxes. However, you should make sure that every kid gets a decent part. That includes any kids from your partner’s side as well.

There might be more kids than the wedding ceremony itself requires, so assign some other important task to the remaining kids. This includes ushering the guests to their seats, passing around the mic during speech time, or handing out favors.

Give Some Special Favors

Speaking of wedding favors, you can make up some child-friendly goodie bags for the end of the event. This could be an opportunity to delight your kids and interest them in something when the day is done.

Some ideas for the favors include customized cupcakes, lollies, sweets, and even small toys. Alternatively, you can get a proper gift for each kid so they don’t feel left out when you open yours.

Consider The Pros

Your kids might also be too young to have much of a role in the wedding, apart from looking adorable in the photos. If that’s the case, we suggest hiring a professional babysitter for the day. That will allow you to enjoy and plan everything without the stress of handling young kids at the same time.

Wrapping Up

Including your kids in your wedding will make them feel comfortable and less apprehensive about the upcoming change in their life. Make sure you do set apart some time for yourself and your partner, as a happy bond between the two of you will also mean happy kids!

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