How to Avoid Magnet Fishing Risks

How to Avoid Magnet Fishing Risks

Magnet fishing fans support that this type of adventure is risk-free and it is significant since it helps tidy up the surrounding by eliminating debris from the water sources.

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However, critics argue that this type of fishing could accompany certain risks. This article discusses some of them and gives tips for avoiding them to ensure your safety at all times while doing this type of adventure.

Drowning Risk.

Magnet fishing happens on different water surfaces. Although you don’t have to enter the water to do this kind of fishing, you are in one way or another exposed to the risk of drowning. Many people might think that it is unlikely but there was once an instance where a father and son drowned while magnet fishing. It is likely that the son slipped and fell into the water and the father drowned when trying to rescue the son.

This uncertain situation has a high risk of happening especially if you have collected a lot of the metallic materials and you have them in your pocket. They will weigh you down and hence have a hard time rising above the water surface. 

Also, even worse, it can happen when you are fishing alone as a result of sneaking into someone else property to try fishing. In case anything bad happens, no one will hear your cries and come to your rescue and rescue you.

The ideal way to overcome this risk is to avoid fishing in weak areas that can make you drown like the crumbling shores. Likewise, you should avoid high areas or high cliffs that can make it hard for you to climb in the uncertain event that you fell into the water. It is also advisable that if you are fishing from a bridge, you should check it to ensure that it has no damage or has any risk of collapsing.

Last but not least, it is significant to keep in mind not to go fishing alone. It is important to have a partner who can help you in case anything bad happens. If by any chance you are alone, you should tie yourself a rope that connects to a strong object, for example, a tree to make it simple for you to pull yourself out. Click here to read more.

Tangled Ropes.

While magnet fishing you have to use at least one rope to pull your magnet from the water. In some circumstances, you might need more than one rope especially if you are doing the fishing in rough waters. These ropes can end up tangled up in the process and become problematic if you are not careful. 

For instance, you can get tangled with the ropes such that when you try to lower it down to the river bed, you find yourself following it down. And even in less dreadful situations like when the ropes are rounded up to each other, it will take a lot of time when you try to untangle them when you lift them to the shore.

In a situation when the ropes get tangled inside the water source such that you have to go downstream yourself to tie the knot, you can be swept away by the large volume of water in a very dreadful way. This can make it possible for you to be choked by water or even drown.

Avoiding this risk of tangled rope is so simple. All you have to do is get quality ropes that won’t easily tie around themselves. Most times, the lines that come with the magnet are not always of the desired quality. You can just stop using them and get yourself quality ropes that suit you and that will ensure your safety. 

Another significant thing to do is ensure to work on the kinks in the ropes before pulling the magnet from the water. Also, you should keep a safe distance from the water surface when pulling the magnet to avoid following it. You need to use pulleys to ensure that your lines are free from any knots.

Problems with Fellow Fishers.

Due to the rising fame of magnetic angling, you are most likely to find other fishers in your adventure in this field. Most of these fishers are amiable and are likely to share with you what they have gotten in the process. Nevertheless, some situations can occur during magnet fishing where you or the other individual fishing can get angry and make it all nasty. Most of the times conflicts occur as a result of what some of the fishers have managed to get or conflicting personalities that show when the individuals are having a conversation.

For instance, when fishing alongside another fisher, you may pull the same latch at the same time. Although this situation is rare, it can still happen. For this reason, you can argue about which of you is supposed to take the latch because you found it at the same time. This can make things nasty if neither of you is agreeing to let go. 

You can start spitting unkind words and yelling at each other. The situation might even become worse when the other fisher removes a knife or any other dangerous weapon to threaten you. Both of these can be painful to you since some of us do not want to be shouted at.

A way you can solve this issue is to find a place to fish that is not close to each other. In this case, the chances of your magnets running into each other is so minimal. And even if it happens in some other situations, try to solve the issue in a relaxed and calm manner. Screaming and yelling at each other won’t help a thing, it will just complicate things and leave both of you emotionally hurt due to the unkind words you said to each other.


Magnet fishing is a fun sport and has fewer dangers if you are careful enough. Prepare well before going out for this adventure to ensure you avoid all the possible risks that might happen. Significantly, it is essential to be aware of any legal restrictions set in your area about this type of fishing to avoid landing yourself on the other side of the law. 

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