How to Build A Home Gym on A Budget

There’s no doubt about it: Working out at home has a lot of benefits. For many people, working out at home feels better because there is no pressure of having to look good to go to the gym. If you don’t have a lot of confidence, starting to work out at home may be the best until you can feel confident enough to go out of your apartment and try a local gym. Gyms can feel a little intimidating, especially when you are new to fitness. As you start your fitness journey, you may begin to think about building your own home gym. Your wish will probably be to build a home gym on a budget, even though we all know how expensive equipment can be. But there are a couple of things you can do to lower the cost of your home gym.

You don’t need to have all the equipment gyms have. There are plenty of ways to get in shape using just your bodyweight for resistance. Even though bodyweight has its benefits and it doesn’t cost anything, having some cost-effective pieces of equipment at your disposal gives you more options. It provides your workouts more variety and allows you to get stronger. Additional weight will give your muscles the variety they need so they don’t get bored from the same old routine.

You can start with the basics, get yourself a few pieces of equipment to start off your fitness journey, and build a home gym on a budget that you will love. Choose the items that suit your needs and goals, depending on your personal workout routine and habits.

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Exercise Mat

Because you will be working out in your home, where you don’t have a soft surface on which you can do the exercises, your best friend will be an exercise mat. Especially if you are looking to build a home gym on a budget. The price is below 20$, and it will assure you have at least one rectangle of workout space. A thicker mat is your best option because it is a great way to cushion your hard floor.

Thick mats make floor workouts more comfortable.

Resistance bands

Another piece of equipment that will help you build a home gym on a budget are resistance bands. (or boxing resistance bands if it’s specifically used for shadow boxing) They are a great option because they don’t use a lot of space. Another benefit of using resistance bands is that they work your muscles just like weights do. So you don’t need to have heavy machines that cost thousands of dollars just to do some weight training. You can get a really effective workout using these bands, whether you like exercises with a seated or a standing position. They are lightweight and inexpensive, which makes them one of the best pieces of equipment you can afford for your home gym.


If you like to get your heart rate up, kettlebells are the piece of equipment you need. You can do traditional exercises using them, such as get-ups and swings. But you can also use them for regular strength training workouts. You can use them in exercises like a walking lunge or goblet squats. Kettlebells are more versatile than you might think, and they can help you build a home gym on a budget because you can find them for only 17$.

Kettlebells can be used for a lot of different exercises.

A kettlebell leg workout is the best way to get rid of your flabby lower body and leg fat in a short time. There are many kettlebell workouts that are designed to help you lose weight and improve your fitness, kettlebell swing being one of them. Another kettlebell-based exercise that provides amazing benefits is called kettlebell snatch. This is a more advanced whole-body exercise that will push your fitness limit to the next level.

Jump rope

Do you remember the good old days when we used to jump ropes all day long with our friends, competing who can last longer? Well, jump ropes are not out of fitness fashion, they can help you with your cardio and get your heart rate up fast. Jumping rope also works your core, legs, shoulders, and arms. So if you want to feel like a child again, try using the jump rope for your home gym. Beware if you live in the apartment, you might want to go out outside the building because your downstairs neighbors won’t like it as much as you do.

Pilates ball

If you like to switch up the types of workout you do, you might need a Pilates ball. A ball is an excellent way to work your abs since you need to stabilize your body while doing your exercises using it. It adds resistance because of its unstable surface, which forces abs to activate.

Heavy equipment

If you need heavy equipment to keep up your workouts, arguably the best way to build a home gym is by scouring the online marketplace. You can find a lot of used equipment that people are selling, and you can get great deals on them. If you are lucky and patient enough to find well-preserved equipment, you can save a lot of money. When buying used equipment, you also need to think about moving them to your place. You can do your research on how to move the heavy pieces of equipment into your new home gym on blogs like which provide you with necessary information on how to plan and organize a move.

Using the tips from the articles, different moving estimates can be compared to help you find the right mover for your equipment.

Scour the online marketplace to find affordable equipment

Some of the benefits of working out at home:

  • You choose start time
  • You don’t have to pack a bag
  • You don’t lose time going to and from the gym
  • You can get rid of the headphones and listen to the music on your speakers

To sum up: It is possible to build a home gym on a budget, and it is easier than you thought. The process of having a better-equipped gym can take a couple of months or years. But if you want to start your journey now, you can begin with essential tools and work on your fitness with as little as 100-200$ in your pocket.

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