How to Calm Your Dog When Surrounded by Other Dogs

Dogs are energetic animals who want to play, run and have fun, especially in the open field. During their play time, they do make friends be human beings or other dogs, and usually, they have a great time with them. But sometimes, the situation does not remain the same as other dogs can be hostile, and circumstances can be harmful. The other dogs can attack your pet, can harm him or seriously injure him; hence it can be a dangerous situation, and your dog can panic leading to more harm. In a panic, the dog can engage in a fight, or attack other dogs which can end badly. So, it is essential for your dog to remain calm for his and the health of other dogs.

To help you and your dog in this situation, Educator Collars has prepared the multiple electronic collars so that you can train your dog to tackle such situations. These collars are made keeping in mind the mental and physical conditions, behaviour and temperament of the dogs. These Electronic Dog Collars are easy to use, reliable, sturdy, lightweight and above all entirely safe for your dog.

These below mentioned are some of the collars that can help in training your dog to remain calm especially when surrounded by other dogs.

1. Educator EZ-900

One of the best available E-Collar in the market comes with multiple features, but its adjustable vibration and various types of tones with volume control make them superior to other electronic collars in the market. Through these vibration and tone control, you can teach and train your dog to remain calm and in control in different situations specifically when surrounded by the other dogs. These adjustable settings will let your dog know when to stay calm based on the amount of vibration in the Educator EZ-900.

2. Educator PE-900

The Educator PE-900 is a popular product among both dog owners and professional trainers because of its nick/momentary stimulation, continues full pulse and the “booster”, but it’s one function make this one way better as compared to other E-collars in the market. As this electronic collar set can be used on up to five dogs, hence you can lock the setting according to the temperament of each dog, therefore,  through the program you can teach at least five dogs to remain calm when surrounded by other dogs, and that is with one single transmitter.

3. Educator ME-302 Micro

The Educator ME-302 Micro is the collar for your small dogs as the smaller ones are surrounded more frequently by other dogs. These lightweight collars are designed keeping in mind the sensitive temperaments of small dogs. Through the adjustable programming in these micro e-collars, you can train your small dogs to remain calm by 100-level medical grade static stimulation and gentle vibrations and tone only modes. These collars will teach your smaller dogs to stay composed when surrounded by other dogs through the gentle vibration in their collars.

These are the best available options to keep your dogs calm in every situation.

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