How to Care for Garden Tools to Make Them Long Lasting

How to Care for Garden Tools to Make Them Long Lasting

When you buy a good quality tool, you should also pay attention to the care and maintenance of the garden tool after use, so as to maintain the good performance of the tool and extend its useful life. Here are some quick tips for you on how to care for your garden tools to make them long-lasting.

How to Care for Garden Tools

Clean the dirt and water from the tool.

After each use of your garden tools, the soil on it must be cleaned and washed with water. But, the water on the tool should be wiped or dried before being put away; otherwise, the tool will rust. Additionally, tools with wooden handles need linseed oil to protect the handle.

It’s especially important for tools exposed to chemicals get thoroughly cleaned. Fertilizers and other chemicals can corrode metal parts. After using a watering can for applying liquid fertilizer, clean both inside and outside to avoid corrosion and debris clogging the spout.

Storing Sharp Tools

Use a clean cloth to wipe down sharp tools. Be sure to remove any plant debris and soil. And then spray a little oil to prevent rusting. Also, mineral oil can reduce friction. Store in a dry place. Keep them sharp with a sharpening stone to sharpen the edges often as needed.

Plastic Garden Tools

Plastic tools should be washed with soap and water after use. This keeps the caked on dirt from getting built up on them.

Garden Hoses

Garden hoses are one your most common garden equipment investments. How you can for them can lengthen or shorten their life. Don’t leave them laying in the sun for extended times. It damages the hose plus causes grass to die under it. Better to keep your hose rolled up and stored on a hose stand by the water spout or a roll-around hose bin. Every so often condition it with glycerin to keep the material from drying out.

Electric Garden Tools

The electrical equipment must be cleaned thoroughly. Wipe them down with a cloth. Lubricate parts as needed. And store them covered with a plastic or thick cloth to preserve them from dust.

One example is electric tree pruners.  With a brush we remove the remains of leaves and branches, if any, from the blades. Apply something like WD-40(rust removal, lubricants, parts cleaner and degreaser) and let it act on the accumulated dirt and resin. Finally, we wipe a rag to remove the excess product. This process eliminates the resin, prevents possible diseases spreading in our plants. In addition, it protects the cutting blades from rust and corrosion.

With the product like that we can also clean the entire surface of the hedge trimmer. In addition, it is important to apply it on the safety system, to lubricate it and make it work better. It will be softer and we will prevent it from snagging.

Store your tools correctly

You need to make room for your tools to keep them in good condition. To do this, you must prioritize space for your tools. You can use the empty wall and put up pegboard or hooks directly on the wall. This is a very effective way to use walls, so you can easily find tools. For your smaller tools, you can use a toolbox to store tools. You can even build your own toolbox to hold the tools in place. Put all plastic tools or small garden hand tools in a bin or bucket with a handle. This makes it convenient to carry them about your flower beds or garden as you work outside.

Make sure tools are kept in a dry place

The best thing you can do for your tools, especially any with metal, is having a dry place for storage. Moisture will result in rusted tools if you don’t take action to prevent it.  Wherever you store your tools keep them from moisture. If you live in a area that’s very humid or your tool shed is damp. Be extra vigilant to clean and oil tools after each use. Get a dry, water proof storage bins with a tight seal.


When buying new gardening tools, many people will come across a choice: whether to buy low-priced, low-quality tools or high-priced, high-quality tools. Good quality tools are guaranteed for many years, but they must be well maintained and taken care of. Learning how to care for garden tools will help your tools will last longer and save you a lot of money if you do so even with low quality tools. How you care for your tools will be reflected in how your lawn and gardens look.

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