How to Choose and Buy Figurative Artworks Online


How to Choose and Buy Figurative Artworks Online

The Gart gallery platform invites you to enjoy each artwork on display as if it is in front of you. To do this, you do not need to buy artworks, you may see the canvas in detail thanks to high-precision photography and the zoom function. Of course, all this will not convey the play of colours and shades, you will not see all the charm of the technique used and the professionalism of the hands of the masters. That is why many of our visitors prefer to buy a painting to make art much closer.

What are figurative artworks?

Figurative is a trend in painting that goes back to the time of cave paintings and involves the depiction of real objects. Most often, figurative paintings depict people, animals, birds, plants. But there can also be inanimate objects: buildings, cars. Those who buy figurative paintings know that the similarity with reality should be maximized.

The main feature of the trend is the denial of abstract painting since figurative strives to convey the surrounding world and its figures in an extremely reliable way. There is no room for the artist’s ephemeral fantasies and illusions. Only representativeness and recognition exist. Many art lovers who buy figurative paintings know that artists who paint in this style use original techniques and tricks. They are:

  • wide range of colors;
  • bizarre and original shape of objects;
  • play of contrasts, the role of light and shadows;
  • perspective and volume.

Actually, these “tricks” distinguish figurative paintings from those written in the style of realism. Moreover, some of the works are made in the spirit of contemporary abstract figurative paintings. That is, if at the dawn of the appearance of figurative in painting this trend was the opposite of abstraction, then today you can easily see abstract figurative paintings.

How to choose and buy figurative artworks online?

To buy figurative paintings, just contact GART. We present the works of contemporary authors from Eastern Europe, such as Alexey Litvinenko, Ganna Gidora, Olga Berezyuk, Sergey Savchenko, Alexander Levich, and others. Here, each artist offers their view of figurative, which is reflected in wonderful figurative paintings. And the best of them are in our collection.

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