How to Choose the Best SCAA Certified Coffee Makers

Today, in the U.S., just about every household drinks coffee. Most of us have ditched the traditional handmade coffee habits and accepted an easier and more convenient coffee maker approach to meet our caffeine needs. The coffee beans, water, grinder, and coffee maker all contribute to the coffee’s flavor. Best Burr Coffee Grinders under 200 can help you find a great grinder. And, although there are thousands of products available in the market, any rational and educated customer should always opt for an SCAA certified coffee maker due to multiple reasons.

Certified Coffee Makers

Most of the well-known coffee maker companies have a plethora of SCAA Certified Coffee Makers for customers to choose from. One should definitely check out the internet to know more about the best SCAA certified coffee makers of 2020.  Coffee makers make life incredibly easy while providing a continuous supply of warm flavored coffee for up to 12 people per batch. They are also extremely energy-efficient and cost-effective as they are available at reasonable rates and have good longevity. Check out this article to know more about choosing the best SCAA Certified Coffee Makers in detail.


What are SCAA Certified Coffee Makers?

The Specialty Coffee Association of America, commonly known as the SCAA, creates blends of specialty coffees and is involved in the promotion of these blends, according to Cuppabean. They declare the standards for specialty coffee and monitor all blends of specialty coffee so that the right consistency and flavors are preserved. According to these standards, makers of specialty coffee are rated.

A few facts about SCAA certified coffee makers:

  • To get the proper consistency of coffee, the blend brewed in the same machine several times. This will determine how much flavor can be extracted from the blend.
  • The “golden cup ratio” is maintained when the coffee grounds are dissolved in water. According to this ratio, 55 grams of specialty coffee can be dissolved in 1 liter of water. Maintaining this ratio will give the perfect blend.
  • Coffee makers keep the optimum carafe temperature. This continues for at least 30 minutes.
  • Operating information for all coffee makers is provided. The information has to be detailed and comprehensive. Instructions for cleaning the machines should also be provided in the manual.
  • The coffee not brewed for more than 8 minutes (to get a strong flavor). For a lighter flavor, the coffee brewed for 4 minutes.
  • The brew clarity of the coffee is tested. A paper filter is used to check the sedimentation rate. The paper’s weight is measured and then the coffee is poured. The weight is then measured again and the amount of sediment is determined.

The process of certifying specialty coffee is extensive and thorough. SCAA makes sure that the highest standards of coffee brewing are maintained before certifying a coffee maker. Since the process is quite a difficult one, only a few coffee makers have been able to achieve the certification.


How to Choose SCAA Certified Coffee Makers?

There are a number of coffee makers available in the market. But if you are looking for a coffee maker that is SCAA certified, then you will have to check if it has certain features. These features fall under certification requirements and discussed below.

  • The brew time of the coffee maker should be quick. About 4 minutes is necessary for a proper brew. For a strong brew or for the drawdown, a maximum of 8 minutes is needed.
  • The coffee makers should be brewing the coffee at temperatures between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal temperature is 94° C.
  • The temperature in the carafe has to be maintained for at least half an hour. This will give a smooth blend and extract the flavor completely.
  • SCAA pays a lot of attention to how much of the specialty blend is extracted by the coffee maker. You should buy a coffee maker that makes coffee of brew strength between 1.15% and 1.35% after extraction.
  • The perfect brew strength is obtained when the extraction is done between 18% and 22% of coffee in the machine’s brew basket.
  • Check the information provided on the coffee maker to determine if pre-infusion is offered. In pre-infusion, the coffee grounds are soaked in hot water to release carbon dioxide that might have been trapped during the roasting process.
  • The coffee maker should conduct the pre-infusion process at 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If you are looking for a great quality drip coffee, then pre-infusion is crucial.

Precautions for Selecting an SCAA Certified Coffee Maker


The size of the product needed is extremely important to plan beforehand. In the case of households with a lot of family members or frequent guests, or office spaces, a larger size of coffee maker is more appropriate. For regular households, however, large size will be a waste of space, electricity, and money.

Color/ Design

If you are looking forward to a certain color scheme or theme for your interior decoration, you can always pick from the amazing colors the coffee makers are available in.


There are two kinds of coffee makers available in the market. The basic one just has the ON and OFF buttons. The other kind has a variety of programs and tasks available with separate buttons. The latter kinds are more appropriate at public places where there might be a variety in needs of the consumers.


You always need a grinder if you want to make good coffee. To buy another gadget separately obviously costs you more than buying a coffee machine that already has a grinder. However, if you already have a grinder at your disposal, there is no need to buy a coffee maker with a grinder as they cost more than the regular makers, the ones without the grinders.

Final Word

We all want to turn our lives green and be as eco-friendly and environmentally protective as possible. Buying the best-rated products provides us with the opportunity to save more on electricity as the devices save a lot of power due to their upgraded technology.

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