How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Intex Pools 2020

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Pool cleaning is a very simple process that doesn’t take you so much time if you possess the necessary accessories and regularly monitor the condition of the water. The filter pump provides circulation and filtration of the water; a chlorine generator or water-soluble products are responsible for disinfection. But how can we get rid of heavy debris particles and sand that settle on the bottom? In this situation, a vacuum cleaner for the pool comes in handy. And now we’re going to tell you how to choose the one correctly.

Intex company, which produces multiple pool models, also cares about its purity and regularly presents specialized Intex pool vacuums. There are several models of such devices represented by the trademark. Let’s see what we should pay attention to before buying and what Intex options we have at the moment.

1. Mind the Type of Your Intex Pool

First of all, a pool vacuum cleaner should ideally suit your pool, which depends on its type. Intex makes latest above ground pools, the most popular of these portable pools are inflatable and frame models. Therefore, you should pay attention only to vacuum cleaners that are designed for such basins and their size. Otherwise, you risk being disappointed in the purchase. In the best case, you simply overpay for the power of the cleaner you don’t need, and in the worst, you can significantly damage both the pool and the related equipment.

 2. Choose the Type of the Vacuum

Nowadays, the market is full of multiple pool cleaning equipment with different ways of functioning and construction. So always pay attention to the type of device you need. Broadly speaking, we can divide pool vacuums into three groups.

Manual pool cleaners are the simplest models in the question of design and maintenance. The cleaner consists of a pole and some nozzle attached to it. You connect the cleaner to the garden hose, which supplies water and makes the dirt rise from the bottom and pass through the filter. Manual pool cleaners are ideal for small above ground pools as well for inground reservoirs.

Semi-automatic pool cleaners are similar to the previous type but feature more complex construction and higher cleaning speed. Special brush membrane sticks to the pool surface and collects debris that accumulates in the built-in garbage bag. Like manual models, they are great for cleaning inflatable, collapsible, and frame pools.

Robotic pool cleaners operate fully automatically with minimal human involvement. You set the program, immerse the robot in water with all its electrical components, and at the end of cleaning wash the filter. These models are characterized by high performance and autonomy.

3. Additional Nozzles

Although many models of pool cleaners cope with cleaning a surface with a single membrane, brush, or nozzle, we recommend you to choose vacuums with additional nozzles or with the option to purchase them later. Such a wide selection of elements will contribute to cleaning the relief areas of the pool more thoroughly and collecting all the garbage.

4. Mind Cleaner’s Power

Clearly calculate the size of your pool and choose only those vacuums, which can promote necessary power. High performance will allow to eliminate dirt much quicker. At the same time, if you own a small basin, a cleaner with medium power will be right for you. The correlation of the pool size and cleaner’s power can be defined with special formulas and tables.

5. Pay Attention to the Filter

All types of pool cleaners pass water and dirt through the filter and release it back into the pool. Thus, your device should either have its own reliable filter or be suitable for working with the pool filtering system. Be sure to check the capacities of the devices and their matching, otherwise inevitable malfunctions will appear in their work. The best option for owners of Intex pools is to choose not only the vacuum cleaner of this company but also the Intex filter for the full kit.

6. Choose Long Cords or Battery Powered Vacuums

Cord length directly affects the quality of cleaning and the maneuverability of the device. So the length must exceed the size of the bowl to guarantee the coverage of the whole pool area. Also, the purchase of a cordless vacuum would be a great option. Today, Intex has several battery-powered models. Thus, you won’t depend on the wire, and it won’t interfere or cling during cleaning either.

7. Search for Other Users` Reviews

Evidently, while making a decision, you should always rely on yourself, your taste, and your knowledge. However, sometimes it can be very useful to look for additional information and reviews of those who have already tested your chosen device. Experts, as well as experienced users, will tell you in detail about all the advantages of pool vacuum cleaners and possible pitfalls. Therefore, we advise you to read reviews on different Intex models and tops of the best devices. There you will find the most detailed description, tests, the best prices, and a lot of useful things. You can also check out Brett’s blog, for more inspiration on which pool cleaner, pump, chemicals etc. you should bring to your pool.

Here are the key points to help you choose a good vacuum cleaner for your Intex pool. These tips can be applied to pools from other manufacturers as well. In any case, we advise you to take a closer look at the following popular Intex cleaners, which have received high user ratings.

  1. Semi-automatic vacuum cleaner for bottom pool cleaning Intex Auto Pool Cleaner 28001, which is suitable for frame and inflatable pools.
  2. Manual pool vacuum cleaner Deluxe Pool Maintenance Kit. This handheld device is excellent for cleaning a small pond. Intex kit includes a wall brush, a vacuum nozzle, a net that collects debris from the surface, and an aluminum handle.
  3. Intex Rechargeable Hand Held vacuum cleaner, which is suitable for cleaning the above-ground swimming pools and spa up to 18 in. diameter. It has several nozzles, a rechargeable battery, a waterproof switch for added protection against water submersion, and a USB cable for convenient recharging.

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