How to Choose the Right Dosage of CBD Oil For Pets

Have you just purchased the first CBD product for your beloved pet? You must be terribly confused regarding its dosage, as you certainly don’t want to harm your fluffy companion’s health by administering the wrong amount of cannabidiol. Regardless of the completely safe nature of cbd oil products, every pet owner should determine the right dosage, depending on a few crucial factors. Make sure you check the following factors prior to administering anything to your furry friend to ensure the right dosage of CBD oil for pets.

Consider the type of product


The primary factor which affects the dosage of CBD is the type of product, since all products types contain dissimilar amount of cannabidiol. For instance, tinctures are doubtlessly the type of product with the highest amount of CBD as well as the highest rate of absorption. Tinctures find their way directly into your pet’s bloodstream, thus achieving an immediate effect. Dosage is determined with the number of drops.

Moreover, the most efficient way of administration is sublingually with the help of a dropper. But some pets are reluctant to accept this method. The alternative way would be putting a few drops on your companion’s paw and wait for it to lick them. Click here to take a look at some tips for sublingual administration.


Another commonly used type of CBD products is capsules. They are also considered to have a high concentration of cannabidiol, perhaps slightly less than tinctures. However, in terms of dosage, the number of capsules and drops could never be the same. One capsule most likely equals ten drops. Therefore, you’d have to read the dosage instructions by the manufacturer or consult a veterinarian.


Furthermore, the simplest way to administer capsules to your pet would be putting them in its food. However, if your furry friend refuses to eat, you can open the capsule and pour the substance in its plate with food. Thus, masking its taste.

Treats are by far the most popular type of CBD products among pets. Since all animals are fond of delicious treats. They come in an extensive range of flavors and forms, including a label with the dosage appropriate for a particular weight. After administering a couple of treats to your dog or cat, you will soon determine its favorite and use it continuously. You can explore the internet for all kinds of CBD products for pets as there are various online stores to help you in this regard. Besides, if you are looking for the best CBD oil then we would suggest you to consider trying cbd oil uk as it stands among the most used CBD oil brands.


Additionally, these products contain lower levels of cannabidiol in comparison with tinctures and capsules. But, every package clearly states the recommended dosage. You can easily purchase treat packages from online sellers like, offering an extensive choice of flavors, suitable for every animal.

Last but not least, the products with the lowest concentration of cannabidiol are topicals. These most commonly come in the form of creams, balms or sprays, beneficial for the treatment of any skin condition. Pet owners usually use them when their fluffy friends are suffering from allergies, painful muscles or joint pain. It’s essential for the creams to be rubbed directly on the skin, not the fur, in order to achieve greater effect.

Consider your pet’s size

Besides considering the concentration of cannabidiol in all of the above-mentioned product types, it’s vital to consider the size of the animal as well. Actually, the size of your dog or cat dictates the amount of cannabidiol administered to them.

Fortunately, most of the manufacturers provide their customers with dosage charts included with the purchased product. These charts are an excellent visual representation of the CBD dosage, appropriate for animals of different weight and size. Therefore, knowing your pet’s weight is enough for determining the right dosage.

Consider the health condition

An extremely important factor that affects dosage of CBD oil for pets is the health condition of the animal. It largely depends on whether cannabidiol use is for therapeutic or medical purpose. The former encompasses conditions such as anxiety, muscle inflammation, appetite loss, depression, and numerous similar issues. Conversely, the latter one incorporates severe conditions like heart disease, glaucoma, cancer, seizures, as well as many other life-threatening health problems.

In addition, these health conditions require different dosage of CBD, depending on their gravity. Make sure you read the instructions provided by the producer, which list the dosage for separate health issues. However, in case you don’t trust these recommendations, the best solution would be visiting your dog or cat’s veterinarian in order to determine the dosage.

Bear in mind, most vets are not permitted to recommend this products, due to legal status, but they can discuss dosage upon your requirement. Regardless of the optimal dosage, make sure you commence the treatment with a low amount. If necessary, you can increase it moderately.

Wrap up

In order to administer a correct dosage of CBD oil for pets, consider the product type, the animal’s weight and size as well as its health condition.

Checking these factors guarantees no mistake!

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