How To Choose The Right Fabric For Your Window Treatment

How To Choose The Right Fabric For Your Window Treatment

Selecting the right window treatment can transform your home and boost its aesthetics. However, the type of fabrics you choose is also crucial. Even when you focus on the functionality of the window treatment, you cannot pass the opportunity to make a design statement with your window dressing. For this reason, here are a few tips to help you choose the right fabrics for your window treatments.

Define the room’s mood

One of the first things to do is to establish the room’s ambiance. You can settle on heavy silk and velvet to add richness and weight to a formal setting. You can also consider crushed velvet and billowy linen to create a relaxed feel in a  bedroom or workspace. The wool and cotton blend is perfect for creating a clean and fresh look. Subtle colors give a different feel compared to bold and bright colors. You can also add patterns to change the theme of the space or mix designs with modernization components for a complete transformation.

Fabric weight

It is okay to go with lightweight, sheer, or semi-sheer fabrics when you want to filter light and provide some privacy. Lightweight fabrics come in various styles, including relaxed roman shades, curtains, and traditional roman shades, and are excellent for use in the office, sunroom, kitchen, or living room. Medium-weight fabrics are versatile for roman blinds and draperies. Heavy-weight fabrics are ideal if you want to add insulation and significantly reduce the amount of light entering your space. You might want to get durable hardware for drapes if you don’t want fabrics blown away or falling due to their weight.

Design of the fabric

It can be challenging to decide whether you are better off with a solid or print design. However, it is best to go with a solid or subtle design if you want your window treatment to blend with your walls instead of being the focal point. On the other hand, you may want to go with a patterned fabric if you want your window treatment to add some drama, fun, or flair to your space. It is advisable to hold the fabric up so that it’s pleated at the top to make the patterns more visible. Small prints are not the best fit for huge draperies or roman blinds. However, roman blinds and drapes look great with vertical stripes.

Length and lining

You will have to decide how high above the window you want the curtains to go before getting out the tape measure. Your space will look taller when panels hang higher than the windows. Most interior designers advise hanging your curtains six inches above the window frame. However, it can go slightly higher for a more dramatic feel. Will the fabric for the dining room windows serve a more decorative purpose than function? Or will you use it as natural light control in the bedroom? If it’s for your playroom, you don’t want a floor-length fabric that could get in the way.

Curtains are a common choice among homeowners due to their attractiveness and versatility. However, the variety of fabrics available makes it tricky to pick one. Fortunately, these tips are good enough.

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