How to Choose the Right Generator for Your House

Do you experience frequent blackouts in your house? If yes, then an immediate solution would be purchasing a generator, to supply your home with power during the period of the outage. It’s important to know how to choose the right generator. Sudden and repetitive blackouts are a nightmare for every homeowner, as there’s a high probability that some of the household appliances are going to suffer serious damage.

Moreover, there are three main types of dynamos to choose from portable, standby, and inverter. Each of them has its specific benefits that adjust in accordance with your needs.

In case you’re hesitating about the type you’re planning to buy, there are numerous online Best Generator buying guides that offer the necessary information in order to make the smartest choice. Some generators are long-lasting, meaning you can keep running them for a long time.

These tips below might be helpful as well.

Consider the Portable Type

When purchasing a portable generator, make sure you select a type that runs on two fuels, such as gas and propane. Then you have an alternative in terms of the fuel it employs. For instance, propane is much cheaper than gas. This is why it’s always wiser to purchase a dual-fueled model, instead of buying a single-fueled one. Bear in mind that portable generators are extremely power-consuming, so you’d better find a cost-effective option.

This type of generator can easily be moved from one area of the house to another. Thus, it makes an excellent choice for homeowners who are in the middle of a renovation process. This process requires using various machines that can be run on a dynamo. While some models give power to more than one machine at the same time.

It can be hard carrying the dynamo around the house. These tend to be rather heavy. Therefore, purchasing a model with wheels is helpful. And then, the generator is moved from one point to another without doing any heavy lifting.

Consider Wattage Needs

Since portable dynamos come in various sizes, you’re required to calculate the overall wattage of all the appliances you intend to use in case of a blackout. There’s supposed to be a label on all of the appliances, denoting how much power they use. Make sure you select the most essential ones. The more devices you choose, the power of the dynamo gets higher. Consequently, it costs you more. Click here for tips on determining the right size of the generator for your house.

Consider the Standby Type

This type is highly practical for households that experience repeated blackouts. It’s capable of providing your entire home with power only a few minutes following the outage. The best thing about standby dynamos is they don’t require manual help to switch them on and off. They perform these functions automatically. Thus, you aren’t supposed to run to the dynamo in complete darkness in order to turn it on. The same goes for turning it off after electricity is being restored. Firman, too, has excellent generators which are great for standbys. You can check reviews on firman generators.

Using a Standby

Standby models are placed just outside your house. Consequently, they tend to disturb homeowners, as a result of the noise they produce. Anyhow, nowadays there are models that are virtually silent, owing to the technology they’re employing. Naturally, these noise-reducing variants cost a lot more than the standard ones. In terms of fuel, those of you dwelling in cold climates, are advised to purchase one that runs on liquid petroleum. Whereas petrol has a freezing tendency and diesel makes too much noise.


Another aspect to bear in mind when purchasing a standby generator is the additional cost you’re expected to pay to a professional electrician unless you’re equipped with the right skills of performing the installation on your own. Anyhow, since installing this machine is crucial to be done in an impeccable way, it’s extremely important to require professional help.

Moreover, this professional will make sure the dynamo is properly connected to the fuse box in your house as well as adjust the necessary features for it to run automatically in the case of a blackout. The cost of hiring this electrician is not included in the price of the dynamo itself, which means you’re supposed to pay an additional cost for installation. In case you wish to install the generator yourself, the tips on the following link:, will help you hook it up in the right way.

Consider the inverter type

Provided that you are more of an outdoorsy kind of person, then the inverter type of dynamo would be the perfect choice for you. It’s ideal for people who are keen on camping, as it’s important to have some sort of a power supply while in nature.

Although this variant is considered to be quite similar to the portable one, it’s of much lighter weight and it doesn’t tend to make so much noise, being perfectly convenient for outdoor use. These models are duel-fueled, as well, which allows you to choose propane or gas in accordance with your preferences.

In addition, these models are known to be of lower cost than the other two variants. However, the more expensive it is, the higher the wattage. Also, these dynamos are extremely reliable when it comes to power surges, as they emit a sine wave that protects all the electronic gadgets from the damage done to them by these surges.


Knowing how to choose the right generator is utterly important for homeowners experiencing  frequent outages.  Electricity will no longer be your concern!

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