How to Choose the Right Office Disinfection Service?

How to Choose the Right Office Disinfection Service?

The average office worker in the USA spends at least 1 hour to 8 hours every day in the workplace, sometimes even more. That is why it’s essential to keep your office clean and disinfected. If you are looking for ways to ensure that the environment of your workplace remains healthy and free from contaminants like bacteria, then you may want to consider contracting out a professional commercial cleaning service. Otherwise known as office disinfection service providers, these commercial sanitisation companies specialize in keeping public spaces clean and safe for workers and visitors alike. Although there are many available options when it comes to this type of service, how do you know if their products or services meet certain standards?

Here are nine tips on how to choose the right office disinfection service provider:

1) Confirm Certification & Licenses

Before you hire a commercial cleaning service in the USA, it’s advisable that you first confirm that they are properly certified and licensed according to local laws & regulations.

2) Designated Worker vs Non-Designated Worker

Make sure you know who will be doing the disinfecting and if they have received proper training on how to do this type of work safely and effectively. A non-designated worker or someone without any formal training should not perform the tasks of a designated worker. This is especially important if the commercial cleaning service you hire uses products like bleach, which can be dangerous if used improperly.

3) Check Products Used

Before you sign any contract or pay for an office disinfection service, you should ask to see their list of approved products and what they are being used for. It’s best to only use products that have been tested by reputable research laboratories to ensure safe levels of toxicity are maintained for workers who come into contact with them. These include cleaners, soaps, detergents, degreasers, and sanitizers. Always consult your doctor first before using any product that has not been pre-approved by a medical professional as some of these chemicals may cause allergies or other adverse reactions.

4) Ask About Training Programs

If your office disinfection service uses chemicals with harsh fumes, make sure they have a respiratory protection training program in place for all designated workers. This is especially important if employees are giving ventilation or fumigation services as the fumes from these chemicals can be harmful to a person’s health over time if not properly managed.

5) Keep Records of Work Done

In order to keep track of any progress made by the commercial cleaning service you hire, it’s recommended that you keep detailed records of their work done on-site as well as evidence of any safety & health inspections performed. This will go a long way towards proving due diligence should there ever be an incident related to workplace safety and help avoid potential disputes or litigation in the future.

6) Ask for References

In order to find out more about a company’s track record of office disinfection service, you should ask to see their list of references and contact a few clients they’ve done business with in the past. This will give you a good idea of how well they perform the task at hand and if their employees are properly trained, certified & licensed according to local standards.

7) Be Aware of Price Changes

Be aware that prices may change from time to time so make sure you get everything in writing so there are no misunderstandings later on between yourself and your commercial cleaning service. If possible, only go ahead with contracts that have fixed pricing for both initial setup & regular monthly or quarterly services. This ensures that you know exactly what they will be charging for their services and do not have to worry about the price increase without warning later on.

8) Keep Contracts Brief & Clear

In order to avoid any confusion regarding the tasks being performed, it’s best to keep all office disinfection service contracts as brief and clear as possible, so everyone knows what is expected of them before you sign anything. Avoid using complicated legal terms whenever possible; instead, stick with simple language that anyone can understand, which will allow them to provide better service overall.

9) Don’t Use Interns

When hiring a commercial cleaning service for an office disinfection task, always avoid using unqualified interns since these are usually unpaid volunteers who may not be familiar with the company’s policies on workplace safety or best practices. This can lead to unnecessary accidents and make matters worse for your business in the long term due to potential liability issues if they are not properly trained beforehand.

Office disinfection service is an important component of any commercial cleaning company that deals with medical facilities, schools, hotels, restaurants, and other public areas where regular hygiene checkups are critical to reducing contamination risks. Always remember that these workers should be fully trained & qualified to perform all tasks involved, so you don’t have any incidents, later on, involving injuries or damage to property down the line.

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