How to Choose the Right Pain Medicine Doctor

Finally, you have decided to deal with that pain. You have made up your mind to work with a pain management doctor. Congratulations. At least you value your health. You want to lead a comfortable life. You don’t want that nagging pain to pin you down. However, there are lots of pain medicine doctors out there. This makes it challenging to choose the right doctor. However, that shouldn’t scare you. With the following tips and tricks, you can find the best pain management doctor and beat that nagging pain once and for all.

Request for Referrals

Look for referrals. Ask family or friends to give you referrals. Also, you can ask your primary care doctor to give you referrals. Primary family caregivers have lots of referrals when it comes to pain medicine doctors. So, ask them for recommendations. Also, it’s important to research the credentials, expertise, and experience of that doctor. Request for an appointment. Ask the doctor about his/her experience. Ask questions. Learn about the questions you can ask your pain medicine doctor.


When shopping around for a pain medicine doctor, an important step is making sure your doctor is board certified. Choose a pain medical doctor with the right certification. Look at his/her skills. Where did that doctor train? What are his/her skills?  Does that doctor have any disciplinary case? What about his/her malpractice disciplinary history? These questions will guide you to get the best pain medicine doctor. In a nutshell, choose a pain medical doctor with a high level of professionalism, experience, and certification. With such a doctor, you can be sure of getting the right results.


When it comes to choosing a pain management doctor, experience takes center stage. Reducing chronic pain takes experience. Choose a doctor who has handled similar cases in the past. Preferably, choose a doctor who has handled pain management cases similar to yours.  Ask the doctor about the number of patients he/she has handled in the past. What is the success rate of that doctor? What about the complications rate? Select a pain medicine doctor with a high success rate and lower complication rates.

Consider Gender

Choose a pain medical doctor you are comfortable with. This is one of the ways you can optimize pain management results. Choose a doctor you can comfortably discuss your situation with. So, consider gender when selecting a pain management doctor. For instance, if you are open to male doctors, for them. On the other hand, there are those patients who are comfortable discussing their issues with female doctors. The bottom line is to select a doctor you are comfortable with. Find pain management bowie MD you are comfortable with and start your pain treatment journey today!

Tele-Health Capabilities

With technology, it seems that the health industry is headed for the future. Nowadays, you can use telecommunications to diagnose and treat patients. With telecommunication technology, you can hold virtually get a diagnosis from your doctor. You can get prescriptions from your doctor using smartphones and software like Zoom, Skype, etc. This technology is known as telehealth. Thus, it’s important to ascertain if that doctor can comfortably offer telehealth services. Choose a doctor with immense telehealth capabilities. Telehealth can reduce hospital visits, bring down the costs of treatment, and save time. Also, ask your insurance company about covering the telehealth services.

Communication Style

Select a doctor with great communication skills. The doctor should communicate effectively, precisely, and to the point. Don’t go for a doctor who beats around the bush. Select a doctor you are comfortable talking with. Choose a doctor who can consider your needs. This includes access to crucial information about your pain. He/she should clearly explain what’s causing the pain and how it can be managed. Even more, the doctor you select should welcome questions. He/she should also be understanding when it comes to your treatment preferences. He/she should be considerate and accommodate your views.

Read Past Patient Reviews

What are the past customers saying about that doctor? Were they satisfied? What about negative complaints? Read customer reviews. Remember, the experience of past customers is vividly reflected in customer reviews. Things like wait time, customer care desk responsive, quality of services, success rate, etc. are clearly captured  in the customer reviews., So, be sure to read these reviews. Stay away from doctors with excessive negative patient reviews. Also, it’s through customer reviews that you will learn about the customer service, office environment, as well as staff friendliness.

Understand Your Insurance Cover

It’s also important to look at your insurance policy before choosing a pain medicine doctor. Does your insurance policy cover that treatment option? Select a pain management doctor who is willing to participate in that plan of yours. This will help you get the most out of your insurance cover. Also, choose a hospital that is covered by your insurance policy. Choose a medical facility with enough credentials, experience, as well as quality services.

Consider The Doctor’s Medical Specialty

Don’t select any pain medicine doctor. Choose a doctor who specializes in the type of pain you are suffering from. He/she should have the skills to deal with the type of pain you are suffering from. Don’t choose a general doctor. You may not get the right results. For instance, if you are suffering from lower back pain, choose a doctor who specializes in these types of pain. Choosing a doctor who specializes in your pain can go a long way in optimizing the results. So, ask the doctor about his/her area of specialization. Of course, general doctors are important. They should be included in your pain management team. However, trusting experts is what will bring real results. So, work with doctors who specialize in pain management. General Doctors don’t have in-depth skills and knowledge when it comes to managing and treating different types of pain.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t partner with any pain medicine physician. Work with the right doctor. Choose from the top. Get a doctor who understands your needs. Select a doctor who can guarantee you results. The above are tips and tricks for selecting the right pain medicine doctor.

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