How To Choose The Right Puppy

Becoming and adult and starting your own family is the biggest privilege in life and it is amazing to be able to have a tribe of people who are yours and who you can look after and love. And there might come a time where you want to add a furry friend to your family, and a dog is a top choice for this. But when you do decide that you want a pet dog, how can you decide on the breed? Well, here are a few easy questions to ask yourself when looking for a furry friend this year.

Do you have allergies?

The first thing you need to seriously consider is whether or not you or any other member of your family has an allergy to dogs. If you find that someone does have an allergy it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a dog altogether, however it does mean that you need to be careful which breed you choose to have in the house. There are hypoallergenic dog breeds out there so it would be worth choosing one of these if you are uncertain.

How much time do you have?

The main factor you need to consider when you want to add a pet to the family is the time you will have to take care of the animal. Dogs are very needy and they like to have company most of the day, so if you have someone working part time or from home this can be an ideal situation. However if you don’t, it can be difficult to leave your dog alone all day without anyone to let them outside or give them company.

Can you bring it to the office?

If you are struggling whether to get a dog or not and you can’t be at home with them, another option would be to bring them into the office for the day and have them wander around and see everyone who works with you. This can be a great option if you are able and it allows you to look after your dog throughout the day and be sure that they won’t get lonely at home.

Do you have other pets?

If you already have a pet such as a cat or maybe another dog, you will need to consider carefully the type of dog you choose for the Home. Generally speaking breeds such as spaniels and Golden Retriever puppies are ideal for a home with multiple pets because they are good natured and will play with any other animal they see. However breeds such as collies or terriers can be more protective over their space and may not be happy sharing with others. The best thing you can do if you already have a dog is to meet up in a mutual location with your attended new dog and see if they get along. This will give you a good indication and make the decision easier.

How big is your house?

The size of your house will of course determine the size of dog you should own, and if you have a small flat in the city you shouldn’t be thinking of getting a Great Dane any time soon! If you have a small home or flat then a Terrier or a pug could be ideal for you, as well as a Dachshund. However if you have more space you can have the freedom to choose anything from a boxer to a bull mastiff or a German shepherd. As long as your pet has enough space to roam around without being cramped you are fine.

Do you have children?

When you have children, choosing the right dog is especially important. You want a breed that can handle the hustle and bustle of a busy, noisy home. The breed should also be less likely to bite or nip when excited. Look at breeds that can be faithful companions for your children. French Bulldogs, for example are faithful and protective of their family.

In conclusion, the best way to know you’re picking the right puppy is think before you buy. Get to know breeds you’re interested in. When meeting the potential puppy, don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Spend time to get to know the puppy and it’s personality.

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