How to Choose the Right Shoes for Work

What you wear tells those around you more about who you are even before introducing yourself. That’s why a good first impression is always essential. Even though you may not realize it, one of the common things that individuals look at when first meeting is your shoes, to give insight into who you are as a person. Also, if you work requires you to stand or keep on moving all day your shoes can be our enemy or friend. It is common to see people develop feet and back pain from wearing the wrong shoes.  When it comes to choosing the right working shoes there are unlimited options to choose from which makes the process even trickier. Here are a few tips that will help you choose the right footwear for your work.

Type of work

Your profession plays a significant role in determining the kind of shoes you need. For instance, a soldier will need to wear heavy boots while a secretary might need to wear presentable high heels. If you need to keep moving around you need to wear light and comfortable shoes to avoid pain in the feet. Also, you need the right shoes when working on concrete that are durable, comfortable, and keep your feet safe safe.


Celebrities are known to spend thousands of dollars per year on footwear but as an ordinary person you need to make sure that your working shoes will last. Make sure that the shoes you buy are durable and worth your money. If you work in a factory you need to buy shoes made of corrosion resistant materials while if your work in wet environment you need to get shoes that are not affected by water. Most office workers prefer leather shoes since they are durable and keep their looks if well maintained. We love footwear from Rollie Nation because they are comfortable shoes that are suitable for all types of employment and last for ages.


If you work on your feet all day on hard and slippery floors you need to ensure that you get slip resistance shoes. There thousands of cases where individuals have had accidents on a slippery floor, caused partly from wearing unsuitable shoes. If you job also requires you to lift heavy loads, you need to ensure that your shoes have a perfect grip in minimize the effort required. A pair of comfortable construction work boots are a good option for you if all of the above applies to you, combining grip and protection with support and comfort that will help you withstand long days on your feet.


Shoes are some of the common household expenditures and you can never have enough of them. The market has all kinds of shoes ranging from cheap to very expensive ones depending one material used, features, popularity, and design. You therefore to ensure that you only buy the kind of shoes that suits your budget.


While the color of the shoes you wear may not seem like a big deal sometime your profession may dictate the kind of shoes you wear. For instance if you are fireman or work in places with a lot of heat you may consider wearing bright and reflective colored shoes to keep away the heat. Also, if you are in an office that has certain dress codes, black or brown dress shoes might be the best choice for men, and heels for women.

Net time you go shopping the above tips will help you get the right shoes for work.

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