How to Choose The Right Wringers And Mop Buckets?

It’s not a simple task to keep your business clean and tidy. But at least purchasing the best available mop bucket along with a wringer can help you make the process faster and easier. It doesn’t matter whether you run a large business or a small business because having a wringer and mop bucket is an absolute necessity – from any surprise messy cleanings to daily ones.

If you want to enjoy a spotless business environment so that high productivity among your employees can be ensured, then you’ve come to the right place. There’s no doubt that everyone wants to work in a hygienic environment that is completely free from dust and germs.

Knowing About Mop Buckets And Wringers Catering To Different Needs

1.The Parts Of A Mop Bucket

It’s essential to familiarise yourself with the important parts of a Kentucky mop bucket before you plan to decide the best option available at your disposal.

  • The Wringer – With the help of the wringer, the excess water can be pressed out of the water-slogged mop, which will aid in preventing the floors from being over saturated with moisture and also slippery as well. Currently, plastic wringers are the more affordable options, with metal wringers being a close second. Metal wringers are generally more durable but can lead to corrosion in the long-run.
  • The Bucket – To easily move around with your bucket, wheels are provided at the base of the bucket. This will allow you to transport water and other cleaning liquids from one place to another without spilling. You have to choose a bucket size that will be a good fit for the area you need to clean. If the area is small, then a small bucket size will be enough and vice versa.
  • Optional Bucket Containing Dirty Water – There are some wringers which will also include a dirty water bucket as well, for keeping the soiled water separately from the clean water. This will aid in better efficiency as you don’t have to change the water often. The set up will be perfect for any commercial, large environment.

2.The Types Of Wringers

Once you’ve learned about how a mop bucket works, it’s time to know the various types of wringers and their uses as well.

  • Down Press Wringer –  In this type of wringer, the handle is placed above the bucket and there’s no need for any pulling or bending. The wringer is very effective in freeing water and requires less pressure when used.

    This type of wringer is perfect to be used in restaurants and institutions where the sanitary and hygiene guidelines need to be maintained. It is also the most durable among all the options and is perfect to be used inside kitchens.

  • Side Press Wringer – The main handle of the wringer is located on the side and it also requires no pulling or bending as well. When using, it requires more downward pressure.
    The best use can scenario for this type of wringer would be for large-sized establishments, where there is high footfall along with human traffic. Any unexpected mess can be easily cleaned with the help of this wringer. It’s definitely made for a commercially heavy usage scenario.
  • Funnel Wringer – Coming to the third type of wringer, this doesn’t require any pressure to use and has no moving parts as well. The construction is fully made out of plastic and is quite an affordable option too. Since the wringer gives you more control, it is perfect to be used in smaller environments.

    Places having very little footfall should be using this kind of wringer. It’s perfect for daily cleaning inside hallways or even small conference rooms. Places like healthcare institutions will be benefited from this wringer type.

  • Reverse Press Wringer – This wringer has the most compact size with easy and comfortably used mechanism. The only downside is that you need more downward pressure when using it.

    The wringer is perfect to be used inside larger businesses where you need to cover large grounds and more accidental mess. The price is affordable like funnel wringers, except it provides more power than funnel wringers and therefore can be a great alternative option.

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