How To Choose The Very Best Toy For Your Child Based On Age Group

How To Choose The Very Best Toy For Your Child Based On Age Group

Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about what you want to give your loved ones. Perhaps you need some ideas for kids? You may have an idea of what they want, or maybe not. It can be hard when so many toys on the shelves that all seem impressive at first glance. But don’t worry! We are here to aid make this decision a little easier. Today we will talk about how to choose the best toy for children in different age groups, from babies up to preteens, and some safety tips for everyone involved in getting something new under the tree this year!

What is the best toy for your child based on age group?

We have broken the toy types into age groups due to the best way of finding out what your child would most enjoy. We need to consider their fine motor skills, sensory capabilities, and development stages, just to name a few of the things that will affect which toy they may prefer.

0-12 months

Toys that light up or make sounds. Babies are just beginning to explore their world, and any toy that will allow them to interact with it is ideal for this age group. If you want to be a little creative, there are always things around the house that will work just as well, keys on ring-the possibilities are endless! Babies will learn best from hands-on play, so try not to let them get too occupied with watching an older sibling or adult play. If they are able, get down on the floor with them and play together.

Balls and anything else that is easy for your child to grasp. As their motor skills develop, so will their ability to learn about their environment by playing with toys! Sorting through objects can be fun, so you could also try putting your child’s toys in different containers. They may even enjoy learning how to fill the container themselves!

1-3 years

Toddler toys should be educational while also being fun for your child. Puzzles, building blocks, and books are all excellent choices for this age group. Because you can take what they learn from one toy and apply it to another, open-ended toys are best. If you have a couple of these types of toys under the tree, they can entertain themselves for hours as they explore all that each has to offer.

3-4 years

Their fine motor skills will improve in this age group, so it’s time to think about more advanced toys. As long as the toy is age-appropriate, they will be delighted to play with any of those available to older children. A great example of a 3+ toy would be figurines of the favourite child show so they can begin playing with their imagination using the show as a base for this! PJ Masks is a great show for this age range with its very own figurines so keep your eye out for the pj masks deluxe figure set!

4-6 years

Ages 4 and 5 are very self-aware, and their imagination will be taking off! If they like role-playing, try getting them a dress-up box or costume that they can use to explore what it might be like to be someone else. Puzzles, games, and building toys are still good choices for this age group as the ability to play independently will grow with time.

7-10 years

7 to 10 can be a tricky age group because children develop at different rates, and some may excel earlier than others. Try not to think too much on your child’s age as a factor in choosing a toy at this age. If they are interested, don’t be afraid to give them something for a few years older because it may be just what they need to develop at their own pace

11-12 years

Not all children will reach this stage as early as 11 years old, but the ones that do will be going through many emotional changes in this stage. If your child is interested in makeup or fashion dolls, talk with them about how to play with them and take care of them properly. It may be a better idea to wait a few years before getting into these types of toys until you know more about their interest in the subject.

Safety Tips

Never buy a toy with small parts or anything else that could be hazardous if not for proper supervision. Older children will need to have helped with picking out the toys so they can read and understand all of the important safety precautions before having them under your tree. If you are buying for younger children, make sure there are parental controls on all toy electronics, and you may want to look at some of the other toys available for this age group.

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