How To Control Lighting Using Drop Blinds

How To Control Lighting Using Drop Blinds

How To Put The Amount Of Lightning In Your House Under Control?

Lighting is an essential part of our existence and it adds vitality to our interior spaces. We literally cannot do without light. That is why whenever the lights goes out unannounced, we get irritable and restless until it comes back up.

In as much as we want illumination, too much light is just as undesirable as little or no light at all. With artificial lights such as lamps and bulbs, you can use their dimmers to regulate the rays to our luminous preference. However, this is not the case for natural light. Sunlight cannot be dimmed from the source, but with special fixtures such as drop blinds installed in your building, the light entering your space can be controlled.

How to control lighting in your house

The lighting solution in each room should be dependent on the function of the room. For instance, it’ll be bad news to install LED floodlights in your bedroom.  In small spaces, you can reduce the wattage of the bulb and the size of the light. You can layer your lights. It is recommended you use dimmers. It helps in balancing artificial light with natural light. They are also energy-efficient. You can control the amount of lighting in your house by using a lighting control app. The lighting close to your TV space should be ambient, you can use lamps. This helps to minimize glare on screens.

The use of Room Darkening Technique:

This term refers to all the attempts aimed at controlling the intensity of light entering the room. A host of options exist to help you navigate this. It encompasses options including;

  • Thick and semi-opaque drapes 
  • Blackout shades
  • Translucent windows
  • Drop blinds, etc.

Of the numerous manual methods to reduce light, drop blinds remain one of the most reliable ways.

What is a drop blind?

 It is a quick way to enclose a space and protect occupants from harsh and distracting light.  They are usually suspended over the window such that as soon as the sunlight becomes unbearable, they can be rolled down –either fully or partially –with one tug at a string or lever. They are incredibly easy to let down –and fold back up. Drop blinds offer extra security, they are light and water-proof.

Apart from their lighting dimming advantage, they provide adequate protection from excessive wind, rain, and snow. 

How to install a drop blind

Firstly, have a desired specification in size and design. You can look up cool inspirations online or elsewhere.

-Buy drop blinds from us. You can fix it yourself by using the accompanying instruction.

– If fixing it proves difficult, you can hire the services of an expert to help with it’s installation at a modest cost.

Nobody craves to have an interior space that is uncomfortable and undesirable. We can make your house a more comfortable dwelling place. Contact us today for high quality, affordable and long-lasting drop blinds. 

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