How to Create a Pet Friendly Home

How to create a Pet friendly home

Suppose you are alone and need a companion in this new city, then how about investing in a pet! Dogs and cats are always the top-notch priorities among pet lovers, and most of you might even want more than one to keep you company. Now, not all homes are pet-friendly. So, you need a place, which will make your pet comfortable and will make it feel like their place as well. Whether you are buying a pet or adopting one, remember that it is your responsibility to take care of that fluffy little friend. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started on ways to turn a home pet-friendly.

Keep a robot cleaner handy:

You have probably seen many videos on YouTube where the dogs or cats are utterly terrified of the vacuum cleaner and it’s monstrous sound. Whenever you turn it on, you will see dogs and cats jumping around and moving away from it in fear. But you can’t just avoid using the cleaner at all as you need a clean place to live. That’s when the robot cleaner comes to the rescue. Invest some money on Dreame D9 and get your home cleaned up automatically when you press the start button.

This modernized cleaner will cover up every nook and cranny of your place and might even go under the bed and all the other hard-to-reach places for a picture-perfect cleaning. The best part is that this machine won’t make any noise. So, your pets don’t have to be scared when you turn this machine on.

Always invest in pet-friendly furniture:

Well, this is yet another way to maintain a pet-friendly home. Always invest in furniture, which is pet-friendly, which means your dogs or cats won’t be able to destroy it easily. Try focusing on the stain-resistant fabric for that whenever you are trying to purchase slipcover or upholstered furniture.

You are about to share your couch and other furniture with your pet. Even if you don’t allow them to jump on the couch, they will definitely do that when they get that opportunity. So, to be on the safer side, investing in pet-friendly furniture means you don’t have to bother about destroying the quality or beauty of your furniture.

Always go for a trash can with lids:

Pets have this usual tendency to move towards trash cans and get everything out of them. They will either knock over the trash can or might even jump right into it. So, in no time, you will find a place in your home full of litter made by your pet using trash cans. To avoid that, always try to buy a trash can with lids. Never give them access to even smell or get near the trash.

A lid will prevent them from getting what’s inside, and that’s one way to keep your house clean and trash-free. It is also better if you can move the trash can outside for the dumpster truck to pick it up. If your pet fails to get closer to the trash, it won’t be able to make any mess.

Always move medicines to a safer place:

Your Labrador or Poodle won’t realize what medicine is. For them, anything that looks like a small food is something that they should eat. The same goes for your medicines and vitamins. It won’t take them more than a few seconds to knock down the medicine bottle from the counter and intake what’s inside. It will be pretty harmful to your pet, even fatal to some extent. To avoid such instances from taking place, it is mandatory to move the vitamins and minerals to a safer place. The best place is to put it high up in a cupboard and inside cabinets, which are hard for them to reach out to.

Go for tile floors instead of wood or carpet:

Don’t go for the laminated or any kind of wooden floor or even carpets or rugs if you have pets at home. Their nails will scratch the hell out of it, and the beauty will vanish in no time. So, opt for the tile floors instead.

Keep these points in mind and change your household accordingly before you buy a pet from the nearby store.


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