How To Declutter Your Inbox Using Unroll Me

Do you login to your email to find your inbox full of messages you do not want? Junk email comes in many forms, such as contests to newsletters. It may take hours to sort through and delete your junk email, but you do not want an important email to get lost in the shuffle. Luckily, you can get rid of those unwanted messages by signing up for Unroll.Me.

Unroll Me is a service that makes it easier to manage your junk email and subscriptions. It is used to unsubscribe from unwanted emails without opening them, but it is also used to organize your remaining emails. It was founded by Perri Blake Gorman, Steven Greenberg, Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald in 2011. The company was acquired by Slice Technologies in 2014.

How To Declutter Your Inbox Using Unroll.Me

It is easy to manage your email using Unroll Me. You are going to start by signing in with your email address. You also need to authorize Unroll Me to access your inbox through your provider. The following directions can be used for the desktop version of Unroll Me.

Once you login, you are shown the new emails and subscriptions that have recently appeared in your inbox. You have the option to add these emails to your rollup, keep them in your inbox or unsubscribe from them. All you have to do is click on the appropriate button next to the email. Start by unsubscribing from the emails you do not wish to keep. If you come across an email you do want to keep, click on the button to keep it in your inbox.

When you are finished, there is a message on your screen letting you know that you have cleared your inbox. You can now organize your emails to make them more manageable. If there are emails you want to keep but do not want in your inbox, you can send them to your rollup. They are sent to your Unroll Me folder rather than your inbox. You can send them back to your inbox or unsubscribe from them at any time.

You only receive a rollup when you have new email subscriptions. If you do not have any new subscriptions, your rollup will be empty. You can still look through the emails in your rollup, inbox and unsubscribed folders to ensure you do not need to make any changes. The rollup does not affect any of the existing filters, folders or labels in your email inbox.

Unroll.Me saves you the time of manually deleting your junk emails and subscriptions. The name and email address are shown to give you a preview of the emails you are unsubscribing from or keeping in your inbox. You can unsubscribe from or keep each email with just one click of the mouse.

If you are looking for a time efficient solution for managing your inbox, you can sign up for Unroll.Me through the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or full website

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