How to Decorate a Living Room – The Ultimate Guide

Ideally, your living room should be a sanctuary, a gateway that shows your personal collection, feelings, and colors. Since we spend about one-third of our day and a lot of our relaxing time in the living room, decorating the living room will ensure your ability to relax and the sense of belongingness.

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How to Decorate a Living Room

Choose the subtle colors:

Instead of dark shades, you may want to go for light and soothing colors and a collection of high-quality monochromatic tones. Don’t forget those lavender, green and soft hues of light blue look soothing and calm. This may involve topaz, pomegranate or toasty brown. You can also make use of light or toned down versions on the list of your favorites. In more precise terms, you can opt for mauve rather than eggplant.

The Ceiling:

What do you notice when you relax for a while in your living room. If you see a bland and blank ceiling, you should do something about it. For instance, you can add a bit of pattern and new color. You can also choose a lighter version of the color that you painted on the walls of the living room. This will make your living room look more elegant and lively in addition to emit feelings of comfort.

Simple is always the best:

Your living room should be elegant, simple and yet stylish no matter what color or design you opt for. For openness and easy movements, the distance between the walls and the furniture should be around one to two feet. Your living room should only have those things that you actually need there. For instance, some essential items are sofa set, coffee table, sofa table, footstool and ottoman, decorative pillow, floor pillow, and sofa blanket.

The Right Furniture:

If you want to purchase living room furniture, make sure that you have enough space and proper plan. Get in touch with professionals like Simply Maids cleaning to properly organize them. All the pieces of furniture should fit properly in your living room. Especially if it is a living room, choosing large and heavy furniture is not a good idea. The pieces that you don’t need should be placed somewhere else in the room which will make your place look big and calm.

The Windows:

If you have beautiful and elegant windows, they will add color, pattern, and style to your room. Moreover, if you buy soft curtains that filter light, you can buy some opaque roller curtains as they can be pulled down at night.

Empty Walls:

Empty walls are the sign of something missing in your room. This does not mean that you need to cover every inch of it. The best thing to do is to follow your heart. Research on the basic rules of what to buy and how to hand it.

So if you are looking for tips on how to decorate a living room, let this article be your guide. These tips will make your place look great. Just ensure that you know what you are doing.


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