How To Decorate Your Yard For Every Season

How To Decorate Your Yard For Every Season

Holiday decorations come and go, but what if you could spice up the exterior of your home with a few simple things to keep that festive air around all year?

Keep reading for tips to keep your home looking festive year-round.


Perfect weather means more time outdoors, and you’ll want your yard to be presentable. Find some fun decorations like lawn flamingos, or make your own! If you have kids, this is the perfect way to keep them occupied while they’re on summer vacation. Grab some popsicle sticks and go crazy.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to think about keeping the heat at bay. These Los Angeles awnings can give you some ideas about how to add a burst of color to the exterior of your home while also providing crucial shade. You can put awnings just over your windows, or you can get one for a larger space. If you opt for the latter, you have the opportunity to find new outdoor furniture that will fit your desired style.


It can’t be helped that when fall comes around, pumpkins are the first thing to come to mind. A classic way to decorate your lawn is with jack-o’-lanterns. You can go with simple triangle cutouts for faces, or try your hand at something more complex.

If you want that same warm lighting but without the pulpy mess, consider using an actual lantern (or a replica of one). You can coil fairy lights inside to get that same glow.

You can also find garlands that resemble autumn leaves if you want to string them up around your home’s exterior.


If you live in an area with snow, add a snowman family that resembles your own. It’s a great way to spend time together as a family and have a good laugh as you dress them up.

If you live somewhere warmer where snow doesn’t fall, you can still have fun by crafting a melted snowman to leave out in the yard.

For chilly nights, why not curl up by a warm fire and bundle up under a soft Sherpa blanket? Adding a fire pit to your home will make it far more enticing to sit outside. You can buy a small fire pit that’s portable, or you can go all out and build one from stone. Don’t forget to keep a supply of wood nearby so you can keep the fire going as long as you need to.


Planting a garden may seem like an obvious choice, but it comes with several benefits. For one thing, it can improve your health. Being around the flowers can reduce stress and improve your positivity. The flowers will also attract bees, who will help pollinate your garden and keep it beautiful throughout the season.

If you’re not keen on flowers, or you’re not a fan of bees, there are other ways to bring spring into your home. You can decorate your yard with colorful stepping stones that create a path, or you can opt to find sculptures of your favorite woodland creatures like rabbits or birds. You could even consider reusing those Christmas reindeer if you wanted to.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to decorating your home, don’t be afraid to add some flair outside. Go above and beyond the regular decorations you see to create something truly unique to you and your family. If you have kids, let them get involved so that everyone has a piece of the fun.

No matter what the season, you and your family can have a lively home inside and out with the right decor.

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