How To Deep Clean For A Spotless Clean Bathroom?

How To Deep Clean For A Spotless Clean Bathroom

Which room in the house do you find the most difficult to clean? I’m sure you mentioned the bathroom. It takes effort and elbow grease to clean showers, bathtubs, toilets, and other surfaces of all kinds of gunk.

Many people admitted that cleaning the bathroom is their least favorite chore in the house. Despite this, it is the region of a property that gets cleaned the most. So, how do you manage to complete a work that is both detailed and efficient?

One option is to follow our instructions. Continue reading to learn how to have a spotless bathroom in your home.

Clear the Clutter

Remove the debris as the first step in your bathroom thorough cleaning routine. This will make the more difficult tasks a lot easier.

Begin by cleaning up any loose items from the faucets and around the tub. It could include things like old toothpaste tubes, shampoo bottles, and other items. Go through your belongings and toss out any expired medications or cosmetics that are no longer in use.

Open the windows and turn on any mechanical ventilation that is available. Apply a disinfectant spray to all surfaces and scrub them well.

How to Clean a Bathtub Thoroughly

The bathtub is a huge surface that collects scum and filth rapidly. Tubs, on the other hand, come in a variety of materials and may necessitate distinct techniques. The methods we use to sterilize various types of tubs are listed below.

How to Clean an Acrylic Tub

You should avoid using harsh chemicals to clean an acrylic tub. The finish will be dulled as a result of this. Instead, use the Everneat’s Surface Cleaner to help you clean your tub.

Rub the tub with the Surface Cleaner and let it aside for 30 minutes. When you return, wipe clean the tub with Premium Microfiber Bath Cleaning Cloth and spray it down with the shower.

Cleaning a Fiberglass or Porcelain Tub

For acrylic tubs, the mixture you’ll use here can be too strong. The vinegar-based mixture, on the other hand, can be used for a variety of purposes around the house, not just in the bathtub.

Mix two parts vinegar to one part water for porcelain tubs. Mix two parts vinegar to one part water for fiberglass baths. Include a few drops of lemon juice in both cases.

Fill a spray bottle with the solution and liberally apply it to the tub. Allow it to sit for 20 minutes. Scrub the tub with a damp towel or sponge once more.

Keeping the Shower Clean

To begin, turn on the shower and wet the walls and floor. It will be simpler to notice where mildew has developed as a result of this. To tackle the areas, you can use Everneat’s 100% Natural Surface Cleaner.

After you’ve washed the surfaces, re-spray them with the shower. If the pits remain, you may need to repeat the procedure.

Place the shower curtains in the washing machine after removing them. If you have a screen, get a squeegee that is intended for window washing and use it to apply your cleaner.

Shower Head Descaler

When the showerhead scales, it gets stuck in an odd position that’s difficult to clean. Any solution that has been applied just drips away. This necessitates a method of immersing it in cleaning solvent.

All you’ll need is a small supermarket bag for this. Fill it with white vinegar and tie it around the nozzle of the showerhead. Allow it to sit overnight.

In the morning, all you have to do is remove the bags and give the nozzle a gentle clean. Chrome faucet taps can also be used for this.

Keeping the Toilet Clean

The dreaded toilet is the next item on your house cleaning checklist. Fortunately, it’s rarely as horrible as it sounds. You will have to perform very little cleaning if you follow the cleaning order correctly.

To begin, dust the toilet with a feather duster or vacuum it lightly. This gets rid of dry dirt and hair, which can be considerably more difficult to get rid of once wet.

After that, detach the toilet seat lid using a screwdriver. On some models, you may need to remove the nuts from under the toilets. This makes it possible to clean the components that keep the seat in place.

After that, acquire a pumice stone and scrub away any stains. The usual suspects are discoloration or hard water stains. Some of the more tenacious stains may be helped with toilet cleaning.

You can use a baking soda mix to make the bowl. To achieve a thorough clean all the way around, use a brush and avoid mixing it with other products.

Keeping the Sink Clean

The sink, much more than the toilet, has the most bacteria in a bathroom. It requires a thorough cleaning with normal disinfectant wipes all around. If you need to descale your taps, follow the instructions in the shower cleaning section.

Sinks should be cleaned with white vinegar or baking soda. This can also be used in the bathtub. Allow for a 20-minute cooling period before running hot water through them.

Towels to be washed

Towels can be washed in the same manner as other laundry. Hand towels, on the other hand, absorb a lot more bacteria. Put them in a high-temperature sanitizing wash or bleach them separately.

Make sure your towels are spread out to dry. Mold and bacteria can grow in creases if they are folded. Wet towels should not be placed near the toilet.

Bottom line

Now that you know how to keep a bathroom clean, all you have to do is gather your supplies. Make a list of everything you’ll need before heading to the store. Always strive to use natural or organic cleaners whenever possible.

Everneat is a trusted cleaning company in NYC and should be your first port of call if you require assistance. We offer a variety of cleaning services for both business and residential properties. Schedule a free consultation now!

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