How To Detect Foundation Problems In Your Home

How To Detect Foundation Problems In Your Home

When it comes to the structural integrity of your home, a strong foundation matters the most. Foundation issues are also amongst the most expensive ones to repair. So it is absolutely crucial to stay one step ahead and detect them before they get hard to handle. While cracks and gaps are the most visible indications, you may not see them until the damage is extensive. It is vital to spot the early signs and get help right away. Here are some simple tips that can help you detect problems early.

Check for sagging floors and ceilings

Sagging floors and ceilings indicate that you have a big problem. As a building’s foundation moves, it pulls apart the walls and beams. It leads to the weight of the building shifting unevenly to certain spots. As a result, you may see sagging floors and ceilings. Monitor the slope of the floor from time to time because a slanted floor is a reason to worry. It is a sign that you need to call a professional right away.  

Have a closer look at doors and windows

A stubborn door or window that refuses to close may not seem to do anything with foundation issues. But there could be a connection if you notice a few of them getting tougher to close over time. The shifting of the foundation often distorts the shape of the frames. Sooner or later, it becomes difficult to latch the doors and windows, and they may even jam at some point. 

Be watchful about the musty odor in the basement

Do not think that the musty smell in your basement is natural because it could indicate a severe problem. It could point to leaking basement walls or mildew in the area. You will probably need foundation repair as there could be multiple issues causing moisture in the basement. It could be a plumbing issue such as blocked gutters or cracks in your foundation. In either case, you must have experts looking at the problem and resolving it. 

Give attention to the chimney

Surprisingly, the chimney of your house can point out issues with its foundation. Chimney movement is a telltale indication you should watch out for. If you fail to address the issue, the chimney may shift too much and even collapse. It is a grave threat to the structure and its residents. You must get professional help right away because the problem could be deep down in the foundation.  

Inspect sources of mold

Homeowners should be concerned about the appearance of mold inside their property. The problem goes beyond structural damage because mold can harm the health of your family. You may see recurring mold in the corners of the walls and windows. It is a sign of the accumulation of moisture in your home. Inspect the sources of mold to locate if it is originating from cracks and gaps in the foundation. 

Preserving the integrity of your home’s foundation should be a top priority. It supports the entire structure of the house, so you must go the extra mile with its care and maintenance. 

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