How To Dress According To The Trend

Summer is here at last and we’re all ready to shed the layers, pack up the boots and get excited about the summer trends! This summer, the overall mood of what to wear is easy, breezy, stylish and relaxed. Regardless of whether you’re going out with friends, heading to work, or straight to the beach, there’s options to help you dress according to the current trend so that you fit right in and find the style that suits your personality best. Read more to know what’s hip and trending this season.

Summer work trends

Just because you have to go to work this summer, doesn’t mean you need to suffocate yourself and be all uptight in the way you present yourself. This summer, the trends allow you to look classy, feel comfortable, and keep it simple all at the same time. To stay on top of what’s in this season, stick to wearing comfy open toe flats in a variety of colors. These will be super easy to pair with whatever it is you choose to wear. Flowing shirt dresses are all the rage this summer. They’re comfortable, light and look extremely professional at the same time. Pair it up with a nude belt and you’re good to go!

If you’re not too into dressier look for work, cargo pants have made it back onto the scene, but with an upgrade this time. You’ll find that chic, baggy cargo pants will go incredibly well with plain pastels and simple flat sandals. Finish off either look with a big chunky bag, and you’re in for work and for fashion too!

Out & About

Summer is all about going out, and doing that for long hours as well! So it’s important that while you look good, you feel comfortable too. It’s all about the denim this season, for both men and women. With all the men’s top fashion looks, you’ll find that denim jacket and jeans are all the craze. Straight leg jeans are available in an array of colors such as black and white, blue and gray, and so on and so forth, all brought together in straight lines and standing out with the back pockets.

The 60s are finally making a comeback! Tie dye is here once again. It’s found its way onto tank tops and long flowing sundress this season. Tie dye doesn’t have to be invasive and fluorescent though. You can get them in cool blue and greens as well.

At the beach

Just because you’re going to the beach, doesn’t mean you don’t have a look you can have tailored according to your taste and the trend! This summer, asymmetrical one piece is really in. That’s really good news because one piece is coming in more and more creative designs as well as being flattering to different body types.

D frame sunglasses go really well with one piece, especially in hues of brown. Top it off with a chic sun hat and hoop earrings and you’re good to go! Don’t forget the flats! They’re all the rage this season.

Every season the trends change, and it’s important that you have the basics down, and then work your way up with accessories and colors so that you can make it your own, and stand out from the crowd, look your best, and be at maximum comfort.

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