How to Establish Safety Before You Travel – Pre Travel Safety Tips

How to Establish Safety Before You Travel (1)

Traveling does not come without major risks. From scams to natural disasters and theft; there is plenty to worry about when you are planning to travel to a foreign country. Thankfully, there is so much you can do to ensure some degree of safety before you live for the foreign land. Secure travelling has a lot to do with the actions you take to ensure safety even before you actually travel. This is why you should follow these pre travel safety tips and plan ahead to make sure you are completely safe when traveling

Essential Travel Safety Tips to Enforce Before You Go on The Trip

Check online for travel warnings

While looking up all the exciting places you want to go to and all the fun things you would like to do while on your trip, don’t forget to read the travel warning guide by the state’s department/country’s government. Most of them are warnings about scenarios that could happen in that region.

With travel warnings come the safety travel tips that you should follow to ensure you have a good time and enjoy yourself without having to worry too much. You can use this guide to decide which places you will avoid so you can avoid any unnecessary dangers.

Seek updated and location-specific safety tips so you can catch up on the latest trends. This is because when it comes to scams, safety tips and trends, all destinations are unique. You should be more specific when researching for the latest information on travel safety. Make sure you include the exact location you are traveling to in your search for their custom travel safety tips. This means you can talk to the locals to through online resources.

Get yourself some travel insurance

Travel insurance is one of the most important parts of secure traveling. For too many people, this is a necessity that is often viewed as a luxury. The truth is, in regard to safety there should be no question about the benefits travel insurance can pose. In case your trip gets canceled, you lose a bag, or get into a medical emergency you can turn to your travel insurance agency for fast solutions.

Your main aim should find a travel insurance company that makes it possible for you to file a fast claim when you are out of state.  Depending on the insurance coverage of the company you sign up for, you can cover something as small as your camera equipment, laptop, and phone. Basically, travel insurance gives you peace of mind in case of any emergency.

 Share your travel itinerary with family and friends

Sometimes, it sounds like the best idea to go missing for a couple of days, away from all the drama of friends and family but you simply can’t. Privacy and freedom in this case can cost you a lot. For safety reasons, you should ensure that your very close friends and relatives have your full travel itinerary as soon as you finish creating it.

Make a list of all the places you plan to visit, all the hotels you will be living at, and the taxi services you will be using while in foreign countries. The people around you will feel better knowing they have insight into your travel plans and you also get people looking out for you when you are out having a good time. Also, make sure you are constantly checking in with them to make sure you are safe.

Medications and vaccines

Getting sick while in a foreign location does not sound good at all.  If you have a pre-existing condition, you need to ensure you carry all your medication. Not only that, you also need to check and see if it is legally allowed into the countries you will be visiting or passing through. Some countries are known to enforce penalties for people caught with banned medication. Make sure you check if it is legal to carry a doctor’s prescription with you when you travel.

Some countries will not allow you in if you cannot provide proof of specific vaccinations. Do thorough research on the vaccination requirements before the actual travel month.

Notify your bank when traveling

Booking travel online involves more than just air tickets. For an easier time, you can book the tour buses, taxi services, and more before the actual trip. You need to keep an eye out for scam websites. There are a lot of SMS scams too out there. Make sure you check any suspicious SMS you get on short codes. Do everything to ensure the website you are working with is a trusted business.

Booking travel means in person is also an option. If you are already in a foreign country you should consider sticking to the high-recommended and rated local travel companies. Don’t go for companies that are not located near bus terminals or airports and if you do make sure you do plenty of research prior. Remember, cheap travel options are not always the best especially if you are not familiar with anyone in your travel destination.

Create multiple bank accounts for easy money transfer

Another great risk you face when you travel is losing your bank card or having it stolen during the trip. If you have multiple bank cards, you could save yourself big time. Having two working bank accounts will ensure your financial safety while you are there. If the bank card is stolen or goes missing you can call your bank and have it frozen then the money transferred to your other account.

Learn self-Defense

Self-defense can come in handy when you are traveling. Work with professionals who will help you learn how to diffuse situations without altercations and also how to get away safely and fast from a dangerous situation.

In all cases, your main goals should be to maintain your safety and avoid confrontations or conflicts with anyone. One of the best and most popular self Defense classes in Karate but you can ask your instructor to teach you anything as long as it is in line with the main goal.

Register with your embassy

No matter how many plans and backup plans you make, you will never be fully prepared for natural disasters or anything else that is basically out of control.

This is why registering with your embassy is pretty important. What this does is ensure when something dangerous happens while you are on tour in a different country, they will do everything to ensure your safety and well-being.

Some common natural disasters include earthquakes, tsunamis, or floods. Registration is normally simple. Depending on where you’re from, you can find an online website.

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