How to Find Your One Place Destination For Commercial Bounce Houses

The Cutting Edge brand of inflatables is the leading brand of commercial inflatables for over 30 years and is popular for its safety and durability. Cutting Edge Creations is a USA manufacturer of high quality commercial bounce houses and inflatable slides. It has a wide selection of unique commercial incredible bounce houses and slide combos and has helped countless customers set themselves apart from their competition. You need not settle for just another inflatable. The Cutting Edge brand helps you attract new customers and keep your existing customers coming back for years.

How to Find Your One Place Destination For Commercial Bounce Houses

Their commercial grade incredible bouncy houses, castles, moonwalks and slide combos feature premium quality timeless themes and are always safe. All the bouncy houses are designed to help you stand out from competitors, whether used in backyards or inside your inflatable family entertainment center.

These bouncy houses are safe for kids and built to last. They only use the highest quality lead- safe And Flame retardant material, including premium commercial quality Vinyl and finger safe mesh netting.

Cutting Edge brand has helped many customers take their business to the next level by offering Hitech designs and creative graphics to please rental customers . It is the leader in commercial grade inflatables, the team has decades of experience leading the way in the incredible industry. Add the incredible performance by cutting-edge design to your rental line up, dry slides, water slides or inflatable bouncy houses all that commands attention from the party crowd, creative themes and designs will demand a higher rental rate at a bigger return.

Tips For Buying A Bounce House

This idea must have crossed your mind at least once if you have kids. There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to buying a bouncy house for the kids to have fun in. The chief concern is usually the safety of it. There is nothing important than the safety of your kid, but if you do go buying a bouncy house then you should keep following things in mind as you look for the best bounce house for kids.

Set a Budget

The fun and smile on your kids face are pretty deterring when it comes to purchasing an inflatable house. You have to ensure that you have a set budget for when you go buying one.

Commercial Or Residential Bounce House

When you go out purchasing a bounce house you should know the kind that you will need. There are two to choose from. There are residential kinds and commercial kinds. The commercial ones are more expensive but are stronger. They can withstand long hours of use by kids on a daily basis. The residential kinds are not that strong and are not meant for long hours of continuous use on a daily basis.


Last thing that you want to do is to purchase a bounce house you don’t have room for at your home. Therefore you have to ensure that you have the clear idea of the area that you are going to place it in. It is even better if you go to the store with the exact measurement so that you can be advised on the size that would fit your space perfectly. If you have all these things in mind then you are bound to make the best choice.

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