How to Fix Cracked Glass Window

How to Fix Cracked Glass Window

A ball from outside, a pebble, or a hailstorm, anything can result in damage to your glass. Finding your favorite glass piece cracked is irritating, and more importantly, it is challenging to fix. We understand how eyesore a broken window or cracked glass piece can look in your beautiful and well-taken care of the house. You can consider the following tips to fix your slightly cracked glass pieces at your home before going for complete glass replacement for your broken window.

Fixing with Tape

A clear tape can help keep your cracked glass intact.

  1. Before you apply clear tape and fix your glass, wear your protective gear as you might get yourself hurt.
  2. Clean the glass surface with a cotton fiber cloth and clear the glass surface from any tiny bits of broken glass pieces.
  3. Now apply the clear tape on one side of the crack extending it from the crack’s length and width.
  4. Repeat the 3rd step on the other side of the cracked glass and secure it gently.
  5. You can apply clean 2 to 3 layers of tape for more security.

Fixing with Glue or Nail polish

Nail polish is not just to give your nails a shiny look, but you can also use it to fix your small glass cracks.

  1. Wear gloves and clean the glass surface. There must not be any single itty bitty piece of broken glass powder.
  2. Dip the nail polish brush into the clear polish, apply a good amount of polish on the crack, and fill it.
  3. Let the polish dry and apply 2 to 3 coats afterward.
  4. Do not overdue the crack with nail polish as it would not look good
  5. Balance the crack and wipe out the excess if needed.

Fixing with Epoxy

Epoxy is a thermosetting polymer. It can give your glass the cleanest look and easily give your cracked glass pieces strong seals.

  1. Wear your protective gloves and clean any dirt or broken glass pieces from the glass surface
  2. Mix resin and hardener in equal amounts over cardboard.
  3. Take a small amount of this mixture with a putty knife and fill the cracks gently.
  4. Let the mixture dry for one day. If you notice excess epoxy around the cracked area where you applied epoxy, then scrape it with a blade.
  5. Give the glass surface a final clean with a good glass spray cleaner.

Fixing with Plastic Cover

Small pieces of clear plastic cover can fix broken glass windows or pieces.

  1. Clean the glass surface with a good cleaner spray
  2. Cut a plastic piece according to the cracked glass piece
  3. Put the plastic piece on the cracked glass piece and apply clear tape on the edges.

Consider Replacement

If none of the above-mentioned methods work or your glass is completely broken then you must go for complete glass replacement. There are several online stores where you can get a cut to size toughened glass panel for your window which can accurately fit in the area. You can easily replace the glass panel yourself or can hire a professional for this purpose.


Although all the methods mentioned in this article are very effective and can help you minimize the cracks of your window glass, however sometimes broken glass can be dangerous and can cause injuries so it is advised to replace the broken or cracked glass asap. And the DIY crack repairing solutions should be used for temporary purposes only.

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