How to Forget Your Ex

How to Forget Your Ex

At least once in our lifetime, we had experienced a broken heart over a man. We all have trouble forgetting the ex who hurt us, or things didn’t work out. We spend hours, days, weeks, and months crying over broken relationships, hurt ego, and again a heart that feels like it was divided into million pieces.

But it has to stop. You being devastated with it won’t lead anywhere but to more stress. We don’t need that. You don’t need that. Now let’s take a breath in and breathe out. Life is not over, and all you need to do is move on. The best way to do so is to distract yourself. We know it’s easier to say that being done, but we have a few aces in our sleeves to make it easier for you to get over your ex.

Distract Yourself

Distracting can be the best possible way to forget about your ex and moving on with your life. There are so many ways to keep your mind busy that all you need to do is decide which one is closer to your character and go for it. Going to the gym can be stress revealing and a right, healthy way to forget your ex ever existed. Especially after you’ve been in your pajamas for a week, eating all the junk food possible. We don’t judge, just saying it’s time to pull yourself together.

Chill on the Couch

It’s also okay if you don’t feel like going to the gym or do cardio. Get yourself a lazy day. Turn off the phone, order some comfort food, or better cook something on your own, watch your favorite movies. Preferably not romantic comedies but something with murders or education. Stand up comedy also works well. Distract your mind from all the painful thoughts.

Rest or Read a Book

Sleep it off. Read it off. Both ways work. This is the time to focus on yourself and your personal needs. Reading will help to distract your mind and lose yourself in another reality. Sleep will help your body cope with all the stress that you are going through when being sad or crying. We know it hurts, but you take it easy on your health.

Get Social Again

If you feel like you need another type of comfort — go on a few dates. Get your self-esteem back on track. And it’s okay if you feel like that will help you. Remember that everyone is different and reacts in any possible way to situations that might happen in life. If you don’t feel like having any emotional connections — it’s also fine. You are your boss, and it’s completely your decision. Just do the physical things.

You can try to find one-time fling within the best hookup sites. Sometimes this kind of release can bring that closure you’ve been trying to get from different sources. You are not obligated and do it if you feel like you are ready, and your gut says that it will be useful for you to move on.

Change up Your Life

Another great way to move on is to change your lifestyle and your routine. Especially if you were doing a lot of stuff with your ex together, start new courses or a dance class, join a book club. That way, your mind will be distracted at home, and you will make new connections and widen your social circle.

These are mostly main suggestions that you can follow, or you can get personal with yourself and figure out what you would want to do that would make you feel happy again. No boy deserves your tears. Breathe in and out. You got this.

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