How To Get The Maximum Possible Value For Your Used Laptop

Buying a new laptop in 2020 has become an expensive undertaking. As new, technologically capable computer components become more expensive, so have the newer models of most laptops. Sure, there are certain ‘budget laptops’ that may find popularity among buyers on a shoestring budget, such laptops usually compromise on computing capabilities or storage capacity.

How To Get The Maximum Possible Value For Your Used Laptop

Anyone in the market for a laptop with serious processing power and decent storage capability needs to be prepared to shell out a pretty penny. In such a time, selling your old laptop can help make the “sticker shock” of purchasing a new machine a little more bearable.

With that said, selling your old laptop is a complex undertaking. Besides taking steps to ensure your personal data or expensive software don’t end up in the possession of the new owner, getting a pleasing price for your old and possibly outdated laptop can be challenging, to say the least.

However, it is not impossible. In this article, we will be listing out the steps that can be used by those looking to sell laptops to ensure they get the maximum possible value for their machine. Without further delay, let us begin:

Wipe The Memory Clean

Older laptops use HDD memory which slows down the performance of the laptop as the memory fills up. By cleaning the memory of your laptop, you will be making it smoother to use and in turn, more lucrative for a potential buyer. Not to forget, this step is also important to ensure the new owner of your used laptop does not get access to your personal data.

At this stage, it is also a good idea to uninstall all the software you have on the laptop. Make sure you backup your data on the cloud or on an external hard drive to make sure you can still access it after you switch laptops. Similarly, make sure you have means to reinstall your software on the new laptop.

Reinstall The Operating System

Reinstalling the operating system on your old laptop will further help you improve its operating speed. Moreover, this step will also ensure that there are absolutely no remnants of your personal data on your old laptop, and that it cannot be recovered.

With that said, uninstalling and reinstalling the operating system on your laptop can be a technically intensive task. Make sure you only do it if you have the prerequisite technical expertise. Otherwise, it is smart to call for professional help.

Clean The Body Of The Laptop

While most buyers are most concerned about the performance, processing speed, or storage capacity of a laptop, the physical appearance also carries a lot of significance when it comes to deciding the value of a used machine. For this reason, it is highly advisable to thoroughly clean your machine before you click photographs for an online listing or present it to a potential buyer. A machine that looks like its new and works like its new will attract better, more lucrative offers from potential buyers.

Sell With Original Packaging

When you mention that you have retained the original packaging of your machine, it implies that you may have used it with great care and diligence. This automatically improves the perceived value of your used laptop, helping you charge a premium price for your product.


Selling anything is all about presentation. When you put efforts in presenting your used laptop in a better light, you can expect the selling process to be much smoother and the ultimate payout to be much more pleasing.

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