How to Help Your Teen Embrace Spiritualism

How to Help Your Teen Embrace Spiritualism

If Christian values are embedded in your family, and you would like to help your teenager stay on track and ignore the different influences of their environment and peers, you might want to support them on the journey towards self-discovery and spiritualism. While most teenagers would rather listen to loud music in their room than meditate, there are certain ways you can make them interested in connecting with God and their inner self and getting through this difficult period in life.

Connecting with Nature

If your child is not a member of a scout group yet, it might be time to get them interested. Finding out as much as they can about nature and discovering beauty in the creation can help them appreciate their lives better. If they can’t join a local scout group, you can arrange family trips close to home and go camping every now and then, listening to the sound of nature and opening their eyes to beauty outside of the commercial world.

Family Retreats

To help your teenager maintain and nurture personal relationships that matter, you can even arrange regular family retreats where you can connect with God and each other. Find a nearby Christian retreat center where you can learn how to meditate and get spiritual guidance at the same time. You can also join other families and share experiences, connect with like minded people, and take a step back from your busy life.


One of the best ways of building your teen’s identity and Christian values is allowing them to develop a sense of responsibility. They can help out at the local soup kitchen or support the minister in different charity causes. There are several Christian organizations that are looking for young helpers; from clubs for little kids during service to taking disadvantaged people on trips and excursions.


Of course, you can also invite your teen to go on a pilgrimage tour with you. Whether you are planning on visiting the Holy Land or one of the sacred places in Europe, they can learn a lot from the culture and the traditions surrounding the place. They can interpret the events and the places themselves, and reflect on their own beliefs and values during the trip, while connecting with people from all over the world.

Book Recommendations

As a parent, it is your responsibility to guide your child towards spirituality. Leave your favorite books in eyesight, and allow the conversation to naturally turn to the readings. It is best to allow your teen to discover the most suitable books about Christ and finding their calling in life. However, talking about books can get them more interested in the topics.

Whether you would like to keep your teen from bad influence or help them discover their talent and faith, there are certain tools available for you as a Christian parent. Search for ways to help them find their own way, encourage them to take part in community and volunteering work, and recommend reading and trips to encourage independent thinking.

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