How To Hike With Your Beloved Hound

How To Hike With Your Beloved Hound

Of all the paths you’ll take in life, you have to make sure at least a few of them are made of dirt. That’s right. We’re talking about enjoying a few good old-fashioned hikes. There just isn’t a better reason to escape the house, soak up Mother Nature’s therapy, get some exercise and enjoy the world around you. In fact, the only thing that can top this is, well, taking your doggy with you.

Hiking with Your Dog

Of course, as the owner of a tail-wagger, you no doubt know the challenges that go hand-in-hand with such an adventure. You know just how difficult it can be to take your pooch places and how important it is to make sure everything goes super-smoothly.

Well, to make sure your next doggy-filled hike is nothing but perfect, we’ve come up with a sort of ultimate guide for you to look over every time you’re planning on taking to the trails with your beloved pup.

1. Rules Are Rules

Without a doubt, the most important thing for you to check is whether dogs are even allowed where you are heading, as a lot of places don’t. For example, in most national parks, dogs aren’t allowed on hiking trails while, in state and local parks, dogs have to be kept on a leash. So, your best bet is to find out ahead of time.

2. Up To The Challenge

The world of hiking is not a level playing field, that’s for sure. As such, some trails may be a lot harder for your dog to manage than others. That said, if you are desperate to take on a challenge, but your dog isn’t, you’re not out of options. Our advice: look at this shop, which sells a doggy backpack. If you’re not sure you can manage the hike with a dog on your back, though, your best bet is to start with shorter hikes and then work your way upwards.

3. Dog Friendliness Levels

Another pretty important thing to think about is how well your dog interacts with other pooches and, not just pooches, but animals in general. The reason for this is simple: you and your dog are bound to bump into other animals, other hikers, and other hikers with doggies. So, if yours isn’t the most laid back or pet-friendly, and can actually get quite aggressive, it’s probably not worth the risk. Oh, and it’s also pretty important your dog listens to your commands as well. Things like sit and stay will make your hike a lot less stressful.

4. Food And Water

We’re hoping this point is pretty obvious but, still, it doesn’t hurt to reinforce the fact you need to bring plenty of water and snack with you on any hike you do. That means having a big bottle of water, their favorite snack and a portable bowl too. As a sort of general rule of thumb, you want to have a quart of water for every three miles of hiking you do. If there is water available on the hike, great. If not, bring more than enough with you.

5. Dog Bandana

Every dogs need a bandana which is easy to tie-on and multifunctional. People adopt various styles for their dogs. You can express your pup’s personality with this fun accessory. If this is what pops up in your head, then 4inbandana is the best place to get a bandana for your pup—giving your baby pet a fresh look.

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