How to Impress an Employer: 6 Job-Winning Interview Tips For Women.


How to Impress an Employer: 6 Job-Winning Interview Tips For Women.

Looking for a job and going to interviews is always stressful and anxious, and choosing clothes for an interview to get your dream job sometimes is torture. What to prefer – a business suit or a loose shirt with jeans, maybe just a T-shirt and black trousers, or will the dress be the most?
There are many guidelines out there on what to wear for an interview and what kind of things almost guarantee failure when meeting with an employer.

At the first meeting, the recruiter and the employer evaluate not only our skills and experience but also the overall impression of the image.
Whether you are starting your career path or have a lot of experience, interviewing is quite a stressful event. You have a few tens of minutes to convince a potential employer and prove that you are the ideal candidate for a job. Attire for an interview is one of the first questions HR professionals pay attention to during such a meeting. Remember that first impression is often the most important and defines your success.

Appearance requirements often depend on the company where you plan to work.
It will be nice if you preliminarily ask about the dress code adopted in the organization and come fully armed at the first meeting. If you are going for an interview at a bank, legal or economic company, or a government agency – give preference to a business style.
If your profession is creative and related to music, journalism, design, art, or fashion, then try to show your creative nature and choose an outfit that emphasizes your personality. Classics in this case will not work well.
Here are some certain universal truths about how to look well in an interview and feel more confident.

1. Comfort and fit above all

First, imagine what clothes are better for you to be worn during a critical moment, as an interview is a critical moment, doesn’t it? Choose soft and natural fabrics not to be distracted by itchy material -irritating clothes won’t let you make the best possible impression. Your interview clothes need to feel good and function and be well fitted, not causing you unnecessary inconvenience. Dress for your body type to also help you feel confident – for example, if you have a rounder body type, look for a cotton flowy top and a comfortable pair of jeans for apple shapes. When you feel good in your clothes, that positively impacts your mindset.

2. Hairstyle: the success is in simplicity

Recruiters pay attention to details – both in the choice of words and in appearance. So remember that the hair, nails, and makeup for the interview must be neat and simple. The hairstyle for the interview should be modest above all. There is no room for “artistic mess” even in companies with a free dress code. Pin hairpins or create a modest bundle.
Loose curls or too avant-garde options such as strands of different lengths are inappropriate. When choosing a hair color, opt for natural shades. Bright strands, unusual colors, catchy highlighting is suitable only for representatives of creative professions working in offices with an informal atmosphere. But even in these cases, it is better to choose the more conservative option.

3. The formal interview: suits are a must

If the company has a strict dress code or a future position is related to the sphere of finance, communication with clients and business partners, the classic always wins. Wear a dark pantsuit or blazer with a skirt. Dilute it with a light-colored blouse or shirt. The length of the skirt should be knee-deep or lower.
A black suit will not work, it is better to choose a model in the color of graphite, marengo, or dark chocolate. The costume should not be too festive, it is better to dress in a conservative casual style.
No sparkles, no ultra-bright accents. Wear a shirt with a neutral print and you will be on top.

4. The IT or startups sphere: creativity is welcome

In companies with casual dress codes, employees do creative work. Therefore, it is best to dress simply, but with a twist.
The technology industry often employs a young team where workers choose hipster and street fashion styles. Try not to look too conservative – choose casual clothes without pretentiousness and old-fashioned classics. This is the case when jeans, a jumper, and sneakers are appropriate. The main thing is to look neat and collected. Jeans and a white shirt are perfect for such a meeting.

5. Accessories: the right details that speak of personality

When choosing an outfit for an interview, as well as for work in general, try to avoid unnecessary details. The fewer elements that distract the eye, the neater and collected the image seems. Don’t overdo the jewelry – a simple necklace or thin pendant chain will do just fine.
It is a well-known fact that people with glasses are perceived as smart and well-read. Therefore, feel free to add glasses to business attire. Panto eyeglasses perfectly fit even the most strict business dress code. Try to complement your look with stylish GANT eyeglasses that will help you create a refined intellectual style giving you extra points against other applicants.

6. A drop of perfume to create a pleasant mood

Moderation is key when choosing a scent for your interview. The smell of eau de toilette or cologne should not be too intrusive. Avoid very concentrated, bright floral or fruity perfumes and heavy evening compositions. Light Eau de toilettes and subtle delicate perfumes are good for the interview.

The first impression is the most important, so try to make it favorable. You can’t banish all the stress of an interview, but at least you can try to highlight your strengths, not only in character but also in appearance.

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