How to Improve Your Rental to Attract Tenants

How to Improve Your Rental to Attract Tenants

If you want not just a tenant to come your way and rent your property, but multiple tenants vying for your space, then you need to do all you can to attract interest. Tenants can and often will big over your asking rental price just to be able to live in a great find. If you already live in a decent area, smash all the competing tenancies to pieces by following this guide on how to improve your rental:

Here’s 5 Ideas on How to Improve Your Rentals

Invest in the Paint

If there is one thing that will make a big difference, it is the paint. Invest in high-quality paint that is not prone to stains, mold, or chipping. It will cost more, but it will protect your walls and provide your tenants with a better experience.

Add Character Features

People love character features, and you can easily add these features on your own. A good lick of paint will immediately freshen up a space, but add in good looking floors, new doors, nice handles, and knobs, and you have a home that is very attractive on the market.

You can even protect your investment early on just by adding it to the contract. For example, if certain items are missing or removed without your permission, you can include an itemized list of costs, just like hotels do.

Include Non-Negotiable Services in the Rent

If your rental property has a garden, hire a gardening service to come by once a month to tend to it. You don’t need to get your tenants’ permission to add a cost to their rent for this either – just include it in the rent from the start. If the tenant doesn’t want to use these services, then you can keep the cost of the gardener for yourself.

In general, however, bringing in people to professionally tend to the property (clean out the gutters, clean the front or back yards, and tend to any issues on the exterior) is an excellent way to provide a great service to your tenants and maintain the health of your property.

Get it Professionally Cleaned

Ideally, you should get the property professionally cleaned before you start showing it to prospective tenants. This can really draw people in and make them want to move in on the spot. If you don’t want to deal with that overlap, then work with your previous tenant to ensure that their space is clean when you bring tenants to view it, and then book a visit from a company like this end of tenancy cleaning South London option.

A good, professional clean is the icing on the cake, and also makes it far easier for you to conduct a proper inventory on your property later.

Create a Welcome Package

A welcome package is a great way to give your tenants all the information that they need, including who to contact for repairs, how to get in touch with you (including an emergency number) account information for the property for the utilities, and so on.

If your rental is in an apartment building, you should also outline any bylaws for the apartment, as well as any features that they can use (like a bike shed or a storage space). This isn’t necessary, but it will help you be a great landlord and entice tenants to stay with you longer. These are just a few ways of how to improve your rental, but they can really give you an edge to renting your space quickly to the right tenants.

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