How To Increase Home Value With A Deck

Best Way For Future Investment

An outdoor space in a home is not just for a Barbecue, fireplace or grilling, but has much more value. This place can be used for spending quality time with your friends and family. But adding a deck to a home is really costly. Even if you wish to add a deck to your home, it’s very essential to know that a deck will prove to be an investment, that will increase the value of your home in future -now, how’s that possible? To claim your excitement here’s how to proceed :-

 Investment In Long Run

As per the reports from the Remodeling and construction industry, a deck is said to be the most valuable project for home improvement. The annual report also cares about the cost of the project, the resale value of it and how much money a house owner can deduct recoup.

If you add a wood deck the average cost comes to nearly $13,333 And the average resale value is $10,083, means, When it’s time to sell, a homeowner can recoup upto 75.6% of the cost. If you add a complete deck its average cost is $19150 and the resale value of it is $13232 at an average, So a homeowner can recoup about 69.1 % of its cost.

From the above presented number it may seem that a homeowner may recoup a pretty less of the cost of a complete deck. It’s really important to keep in mind that a wood deck needs maintenance every 2 to 3 years, which may cost $700 every time, at an average. It is not only that a composite deck will help you save money, till the time you reside in your home, but it will be beneficial for the home owners who really don’t care about the upkeep or maintenance of a wood deck while selling it in future. It’s clear now that you won’t get back a hundred percent of your money, but as compared to other projects, these rates are fairly good. To be more precise, according to the re-modelling report, the average cost of a backyard patio comes to $56,906 and while selling the home cost $31,430 and the homeowner recoups only 55.2 % of the cost.

Hence, a home deck may seem to be expensive, but it could be profitable in the future.

Enlarged Usable Space

Home deck, outdoor may not be like an additional bedroom or bathroom, but this extra space may add value to a home, when you resale it, and is more affordable than actually adding something to your home’s Square Footage.

As per home advisor, a new room 20 × 20 square foot could cost from $32,000 to $80,000. While a deck of the similar size, may cost $20,000 less. Both the room and a deck cover 400 square feet, but a deck costs less and also provides a space for recreation and fun doing.

Desired Feature For Homebuyers

You may come across a wide range of home buyers from baby Boomers to Millennials. The National Association of Realtors Research Group- prove that 37% of the home buyers are Millennials and they’re more interested in having a deck in their future home. The millennials home buyers desire to have a front porch and composite deck, while looking for a home. It’s supposed to be their top desired feature. Therefore, if you plan to attract more buyers, a deck could be a feature to help you make a deal and sell your home with more profit easily.

Installation for Future

When you construct a deck for your home spending time and money, you are likely to have a bright and successful future. Make sure that you choose the correct material before installing a deck. Selecting a deck builder near me will help you find the right material for your location. There are many decking boards available in the market, but Brite Deck has proved its worth and presence. Brite Deck has been producing decking boards for the last 25 years with a 15 years warranty. So if you wish to transform your home go in for Brite Deck. It is an ideal product for most of the Architects, Builders and Homeowners. It is maintenance free, eco-friendly, anti-slip, lightweight and durable. Its fastening system helps in easy installation and saves time and energy. It is available in 2 sizes and 6 shades. Hence, if you wish to invest in the future, give Brite Deck a chance to serve you better.



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