How to Inject Personality into Your Kitchen

How to Inject Personality into Your Kitchen

Your bedroom is the perfect blend of snug and character, your living room has your style written all over it, so why is your kitchen so comparatively bland? We no longer think of the kitchen as a functional place for cooking food. These days it’s a multi-purpose place where we meet, chat, eat and relax. It, therefore, deserves the same level of personalization as the other rooms in our home, surely! Here are a few ways to give your kitchen a bit more charm…


Firstly, is the color scheme one you favor? If not, try to find one that says something about who you are. If your living room has such a scheme, perhaps you could match it to keep the theme going throughout the house. Generally, blues and greens give off a more relaxed vibe, while yellow says energy.

Then why not decorate with a bit of foliage? Plants add a real freshness to a kitchen and can be practical too, as certain herbs will happily grow on windowsills.


There’s a huge range of styles and colors to choose from when it comes to cabinets. It is, therefore, highly plausible to find a look you love and which no one else has. Do you want bold colors and modern handles, or would you rather have a classical look with a vintage-style finish? Will you go for something simple and subtle, or a style that’s a bit more grand and elaborate? Whatever you select, it’s important it fits with the style of the rest of the kitchen.


Pendant lighting is very in at the moment. It provides a real talking point, as it can come in various styles and becomes a feature in its own right (as well as a great way to light the room). Otherwise, if you’re after a change of mood, then wall lighting or under-the-counter lighting can alter the atmosphere of your kitchen.


Don’t be afraid to decorate your kitchen walls as you would your living room. Perhaps the kitchen offers the chance to be a bit more expressive, providing a home for some of the quirkier pieces you enjoy. And if you really want to personalize your walls in a manner that’s totally unique, then a montage of family photos and the places you most love will do this nicely.

There’s no reason why kitchens have to be uniform, to follow a particular color scheme or pattern. They’re as much yours as all the other rooms in the house, so why not give them the individuality you’ve worked so hard to achieve throughout your home?

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