How to Install LED Shop Lights


How to Install LED Shop Lights

Dynamic lighting in shops is the most powerful tool to grab the attention of customers. It gives the tone to your store, which in turn allows the customer to observe everything. Lighting has the quality to change someone’s mood; if you want to make your shop even look bigger, use the cool white lights to make the area seem more spacious. If you want to make your shops look cool, you can find the world best quality led shop lights here:

Today we are talking about shop lighting and specifically LED shop lighting.

Materials needed

  • LED shop lights
  • Screwdriver
  • Ohmmeter
  • Wire strippers
  • Wire staples
  • Gloves/ Helmet (optional)

LED shop lights components

The real LED shop lightings are simple, there have two components

  • the driver cover box (it’s a driver which is usually already installed and wired)
  • reflecting housing it leads to power the lights)

Method to install LED shop lights

First, you need to check the area where you want LED shop lights and check the quantity of LED shop lights you need that may give enough brightness you want in your shop. Then, buy LED shop lights from a trusted brand, they last longer and have less maintenance cost.

Turn the breaker off / safe measures

You need to make sure one thing before you get started before working on an existing wire run and use the ohmmeter to check the already existing wire is dead or alive.

Laying out different parts of the LED shop lights

Then you have to take out LED shop lights outside the box carefully and line them up, so if these LED lights are hanging ones then you need to hang them with the chains given in the box. The second type of LED shop lights are the ones that stick to wall or roof with clips to install them all you need to do is fix the clips on the ceiling or wall with nails and then hang the LED shop light, but the method to install hanging chain shop LEDs is a little bit tricky. We will be looking at its details.

Hanging chain LED shop

These can be flush-mounted you have to hang them off the chains they supplied so what you want to do is you want to take the hook, have a pair of pliers handy, and put this hook in there is a little hole on the backside of the LED shop lights then press the hook with a tool that is going to take a little bit aggravation so that way chain can’t come off. You have to repeat the procedure on another side of the LED shop light as well, now we have a chain hooked to the fixture.

Making mark

The next thing you want to do is mark out where you want to hang the light now you have to measure the center of the chain so now make a mark where you want to chain to attach on one side and mark another point where the second chain will be attached, just keep in mind one thing that you need to keep the same distance between marks that you have measured from the back if LED shop lights. Now put the screws in where you know that the fixture has to be hung do the same on another side all you need to do is to hang the LED shop light up.

This is where it would help if you have an assistant, now fix the screws on the marks on the ceiling.

  • Now you need to use the inner connect link piece.
  • Now the next thing you need to do is plug in the power at the end of the light.

That’s it, and with that, it will add much more light to your shop!

You will see much better in the shop, and it is relatively easy to install, as you can see. The great thing about these LED shop lights is that you can connect them in line at a time, 9 to 10 LED shop lights long. That’s a cool feature so you just need one connector at the end, one plugin, and you can daisy chain the 10 of these LED shop lights in a row one after the other. You can get these with a five-foot interconnect cable– the one that comes in the box is around 16 inches long, but you can buy five to ten feet long wires if you don’t have an outlet that close.

Preference over fluorescent bulbs for shops

  • As the prices of the LED shop lights have fallen very low so it now makes sense to replace your old fluorescent costly bulbs.
  • These LED shop lights consume less electricity as compared to other bulbs, so for commercial use, it is best to choose led lights to have less electricity bill.


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