How to Keep a Tiny House Livable

How to Keep a Tiny House Livable

The whole point of the tiny house concept is to live simply but comfortably. And, in order to keep a tiny house livable, it must be kept clean and organized. How exactly you should do it depends on how the house is built. There are many types of tiny housing today from houses freshly built to remodeled buildings. For example, some built over a garage. So in addition to the house build or remodel, you have the garage to maintain. And sooner or later you may need a professional garage door repair in Port Moody.

Keep Track of Problems

Because of the size of the tiny house, remodeling may be hard to do while living there. However, if you keep track of things that need maintenance or replacing, you might be able manage them one at a time instead of tacking all the remodeling or repairs at one time. Keeping up on the care of your house can help prevent a long of issues that occur when a house is neglected, big or small.

Do What You Can Do On Your Own

Among the list of things needing done to keep a tiny house livable, are tasks you can do on your own. Regular cleaning is made a lot easier in a small house since you have less floors and rooms to mop and dust. Organizing your belongings is key to keep the clutter to minimum. Practicing a life of minimalism is very helpful to prevent from gathering too much stuff you can store away.

Don’t Take on Something You’re Not Sure About

Now there are some tasks better left to a professional. Electrical or plumbing problems should be handled by an experienced professional. Same goes for siding or roof repairs. Trying to DIY these sort of projects results in a lot more damage, cost, and possible injury if you don’t know what  you’re doing.

How to Keep a Tiny House Livable

Get Creative

One great thing when you keep a tiny house livable is learning how to be creative with your space. There are many ways the space can be used for dual purposes. Use every foot of space available. Your seating area can be storage under the seats. Add more storage under a staircase. Use space up in the eaves for storage or a cozy bedroom.

Even your wardrobe can be creative to keep a tiny house livable. Learn to need fewer pieces of clothing. Create a capsule wardrobe or mix and match outfits that don’t take up a bedroom sized closet. You free up space and save a lot of money buying fewer clothing. Be conscious of when you shop, make deliberate choices to get quality items that last longer. That way you don’t end up with a pile of belonging that break or don’t work as well and fill up the precious space on your storage space.


There are many positives to living in a tiny house including spending less time on maintenance and cleaning. However, as we have said there are some areas that need regular care to keep a tiny house livable. Even the simplest of tasks are important.

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