How to Keep Clean Your Car’s Interior

How to Keep Clean Your Car's Interior

Many people love spending time in their cars, being one of the places you can get your solitude without interference. If you’re not busy at work or taking some rest at home, you’re probably somewhere in your car’s comfort. Somehow, cars have become favourite spots to spend precious time away from the buzz. That said, you need to keep your car’s interior clean to continue enjoying its peace and comfort.

While it’s easier to drive to a car-wash and get your car sparkling, you may not have the time and money to do this frequently. In most cases, you’ll merely wipe off the dust and call it a day. Even so, there’s more to car interior cleaning than just dusting and wiping.

Here are tips to help you with your car’s interior cleaning. But even as you practice these, don’t forget to regularly get comprehensive car detailing to ensure that your car remains like new.

Shake Car Mats Regularly

The floor of your car is one of the areas that get dirty quickly. Everyone that gets into the car leaves particles from their shoes. As such, you don’t have to wait until the next vacuuming session to clean the dirt. Instead, shake out your mats regularly to remove some dirt and dust particles.

Clean Cup Holders Frequently

As you enjoy your drink during the drive, don’t forget to clean your cup holders afterwards. The bottoms of the cups sitting in these spaces can make them grimy and sticky in case of liquid spills. You can use pre-moistened auto wipes to remove liquids or food particles before they dry up.

Keep a Trash Can

Most of us are guilty of throwing trash in our car’s cup holders. It even gets worse when you have passengers on board. If it’s not in the holders, then the wrappers and tissues will be damped all over the mobile car valet. It’s advisable to keep a little trash can at the back of the passenger seat to avoid that kind of a mess. In that way, everyone can have a convenient place to toss some trash, and you can also keep your cup holders free.

Clean Your Car Seats

If you go places with your kids or pets from time to time, chances are your car seats have some stains. And since some chewing and drinking has been going on at the back seat, there are also crumbs in the cushion seams. You can use an old toothbrush to get deep into the cracks and a magic eraser to remove the sticky stains on the leather or vinyl. You can also use a clean towel with cold water and laundry detergent to wipe off the dirt.

Regular Maintenance

Apart from practising these simple interior car cleaning habits, you need to keep track of your car maintenance to take care of any mechanical issue that may cause unpleasant odours in the car’s interior. Be sure to replace your air filters regularly, and spare some time for car detailing.

As you strive to keep your car’s surface sparkling, remember your car’s interior too needs to be cleaned.

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